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Arrow Re: Question about protein in diets

Pat - hahaha! WELL-SAID!

You remarked: "I don't think high protein foods like Orijen are the best choice for all diabetic dogs, but they do have their place for those dogs that don't tolerate grains. I don't think the problem is the high protein as much as the higher fat content that seems to go along with the high protein grain free foods."

I'm glad you remarked on that; I would have been afraid to recommend Orijen (or Acana) primarily, because of the high fat content.

And you also remarked: "Aside from my giving her a hard time for stating rumor and hearsay instead of fact and accusing a reputable company of doing things it hasn't, Carol has asked some good questions that we need to know in order to help and give good suggestions and recommendations. Be honest Carol, you've missed me haven't you. "

I have, indeed, Pat, missed you! So glad you're back posting.

Uh, oh, you're right; I did state rumor and hearsay, though I didn't know what else to do, as those rumors are everywhere - including in supposedly reputable places!

I surely didn't intend to accuse Champion Pet foods of being any less than strictly honest and straight-forward; if I'd thought anything else, I wouldn't have changed Camellia over to one of their foods, from another company! (And she seems to be doing REALLY well, on Acana Wild Prairie, though it's very early days - she's only been on that exclusively since Sunday evening - but already, I think I see benefits.)

I gotta rush off, but had to respond to your wonderful post! I really miss you when you're not posting!

Camellia sends her regards to you and Bailey, and so do I!

Tue, 14 Jun 2011 21:04:05 (PDT)
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