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Default Re: Spirit Crossed the Bridge Today..... June 9, 2016

Hello Friends.....been a loooong time! I just thought I would post something so everyone knew I didn't fall off the planet. It was an odd trip to florida this year without spirit. In fact, it was the first time in 13 years I didn't have a newfie with me on vacation. Losing spirit really took a long time to recover from and everyplace I went reminded me of the big guy. Once we hit Florida it all came flooding back again when we walked the beach or strolled downtown without him. Hearts do mend...that's the good news and now I look back with great affection and joy when I remember him. I also went to the North Florida Newfie convention in December and literally sat in the lobby of the hotel and hugged each one as they entered....spent 2 days there, that may have helped too!

I have put my name on a waiting list at "Watchbear Newfoundlands" for a Landseer. MJ and I just can't fathom another black newfie so we are patiently waiting for a black and white one (landseer).....if you go to their web page you can see how wonderful her dogs are. It's been since last July that we got on the list so I am learning patience too.....LOL

We are praying that our new addition to the family will arrive this summer so I can begin the training on Lake Huron and the beach here at the house before he/she makes the first trek to the ocean.

I miss you all and think of you often....I do lurk around and add comments when my knowledge is relevant. Love to all our sugar babies.

Jim & MJ
Jim/Marijane & Spirit, Newfoundland, born Dec 22, 2007, 115lbs. DX Oct. 2011, 18.5 units Humulin 2x per day. Hills WD kibble, Hills WD can made into gravy, boiled chicken. Spirit passed on June 9, 2016 and it had nothing to do with diabetes.....farewell my buddy.
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