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Hi Mike and Lily! Thank you so much for sharing your story!
My dog Teddy (44 lb cockapoo) has a similar story - started on 5 units of Novolin in June - is up to 19 units now and is still showing blood glucose numbers in the 500s and an occasional 600. His numbers are all over the place. It seems as if we could just keep on raising the insulin level! Someone from this site (Mo) just suggested to me yesterday that I should have Teddy's thyroid levels checked. He has skin allergies, thinning hair, black spots on his stomach and is gaining weight despite his high numbers. Other problems include many tumors, cataracts which led to glaucoma and blindness.
You have encouraged me to seriously look into having him tested. Thanks for sharing!!
Margaret; Teddy is a 10 year old 40 lb. cockapoo; relion-Novolin-N 2x - 17 units; Natural balance fish and sweet potato; blind from cataracts and glaucoma
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