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Default Husky owner with diabetes questions

Hi all, i actually started off on the k9cushings forum suspecting my dog of having cushings. Back in November 2013 my dogs glucose was 135 prior to a liver mass tumor removal. Just yesterday it had increased to 365 and i had noticed my husky was urinating and drinking excessively feeling dull with weakness in the hinds legs.

The vet is convinced she has just diabetes based on the ultrasound and cbc tests but she still pants. My questions are have i caught this early enough to prevent an outbreak of cataracts? Also my initial dosage is 8 units twice a day which seems a tad low for a 70lb dog but im curious given its this low, could a healthy diet and exercise ween her off insulin? Also do diabetic dogs pant on occasion as the cushings dogs do? Finally i was curious what dry/wet foods are recommended or what are you using for diabetic dogs?

Thanks for the help, Cal.
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