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Default Re: Husky owner with diabetes questions

Hello and welcome

Mo has already answered most of your questions so I don't have a lot to add.

Our dog (who does not usually pant much) started panting a lot after his evening meal when he was first diagnosed. He would do it for about an hour and only in the evening. It gradually wore off as we increased his insulin and got him better regulated. I assume that it was just because his blood glucose would rise quickly after a meal and gave him something like a hot flush.

You can't manage diabetes with just exercise and good food. your dog will need the insulin as well. Exercise plays a part and in some dogs it can have quite an effect on their blood glucose levels but it doesn't do the job that insulin does.

Similarly a healthy diet will probably help but no more than that - and what is a "healthy" diet seems to vary completely from one dog to another. The key thing with food is that you feed them something that they will reliably eat every day - so you can give them the same amount every day and balance it with their insulin. There are no real rules about this. What suits one dog doesn't suit another and people on here manage their dogs well on a whole variety of foods. We just carried on feeding what we already were feeding as our dog had another digestive problem which we didn't want to upset with a diet change. If there is no reason to change what you are feeding then you might consider just sticking with it for now.

8 units is where we started for our 63lb dog. We are now up to 14 units but we got there very gradually and with a lot of testing along the way. Best to go up very slowly and check that you don't overshoot the correct dose.

It is all a bit of a learning process but there is a lot of info and experience available on this forum. It does all become much easier as you go along.
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