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Default Re: Husky owner with diabetes questions

Hi there,
I just wanted to add our welcome to you and your pup.
You've found a wealth of information between us and the cushings forum folks I don't have much to add to the suggestions you've already received, but we'd love to hear more about your girl:


Just as others have said, cataracts seems to be a dog by dog basis. Some get them, some don't, and some will even seem to develop them overnight. Bazzle has developed cataracts very slowly over the past year that he's been dealing with diabetes, and I still think he can see a little bit. I know surgery is an option, but because of the problems Bazz has coming out of anesthesia and the cost we decided not to do it.

I know this seems overwhelming, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it all soon enough. We're all here to help you through it all, and again welcome to the forum

Audrey & Bazzle
Bazzle - My sweet German Shepherd Chow Chow boy, born approximately 6/7/2002, adopted 8/7/2002, diagnosed with diabetes 12/28/2012, lived happy and healthy on Novilin 70/30 and Hill's Science Diet WD... Continued his journey into the next life on 5/15/2016. I miss you baby boy; you'll stay in my heart forever.
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