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Default Re: Husky owner with diabetes questions

Thanks all for the responses.

Im using Humilin N for now and was told to administer 8 units 2x a day but to develop a Blood Glucose profile over 7 days which would then be tweaked by my vet. She said since her glucose was at 365 it wasnt as bad as some other cases.

So far Sierra (10 year old husky weighing 70 lbs) has stopped urinating, reduced water consumption and improved rear end lameness but she is acting a bit dull. Im not sure if its due to the insulin.

However, i was told she may have pancreatitis as her pancrease was slightly enlarged on the ultrasound. The dr prescribed Hills ID to be fed in small amounts for a few days. So far she is pottying and urinating normally, no vomiting and no diarrhea.

I was curious as she only eats once a day, do you guys recommend insulin just once a day and also do i really need to change to two feedings, this will obviously require a new BG profile to determine insulin amounts.

Also i was curious what you guys think of changing to a raw chicken diet along with say a can of Hills ID.

Thanks again, Cal
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