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Default Re: Husky owner with diabetes questions

Two meals a day typically balances the best with two injections a day. Humulin N typically only has a duration of about 12 hours, thus the two injections a day. It works with food to balance. When you give two shots a day and one meal, it might be a tad risky that there is no food on board for that second injection. Keep in mind, I say "typical" and that doesn't mean that it is required. A couple of members here whose dogs have issues give one meal a day but I believe that they do give some snacks or mini-meals as a supplement.

Is there a reason for one meal a day? I would be quite interested to see the curve your dog has. I would think you really would need a 24 hour curve to see the impact of the 12 hour period with the food and the 12 hour period without the food. Some drastically different things could be going on with highs and lows and your goal should be to get the curve as flat as possible during the entire day and night.

Also, there is a blood test that will confirm pancreatitis - the Spec cPL. Knowing for certain whether your dog has pancreatitis is important because it can be deadly. It might be worth doing.
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