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Default Not sure what to do.....

We have a lab/Collie mix who was diagnosed with diabetes several months ago. Our vet started Henry on Vetsulin at 10 units twice a day. We have been doing all the tests and curves that he has wanted. Henry's numbers are slowly getting better but he is now getting 22 units of Vetsulin twice a day. On the last follow up visit the vet said he was getting better although not where we needed to be yet. He also said he spoke to another vet who is a internal medicine specialist and if needed we could increase the insulin up to 30 plus units twice daily.

A problem I'm having now is the cost of insulin. We are paying close to $60 a bottle and at these doses it doesn't last long, by my math it's about 9 days a bottle. I asked about switching to NPH and he said he had thought of that and mentioned it while speaking with the internal medicine specialist. He said that specialist was opposed to NPH and said that would be going in the wrong direction and recommend staying with Vetsulin only. Our vet is going with that advice.

I don't want to go against my vets advice but I can't really afford this insulin either. If the dosing keeps increasing I could be buying 4 bottles a month. I'm already at 3 now. I'm thinking about just switching Henry to NPH from Walmart and hoping for the best. I am really worried about what to do. I don't want to harm our dog and he is a family member in our eyes but it's getting expensive at the same time. I know we will come up with the money somehow.

I guess I'm just venting about medicine pricing but I can't help but thing there is something more affordable that could work just as well for Henry.
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