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Default Re: Not sure what to do.....

Well a normal starting dose for your dogs weight is about 15 units so the 22 is not a large dose

Is your dog showing any diabetic symptoms ? Is there any lethargy maybe a couple hours after shot ?

Has your dog been tested for thyroid problems as that can lead to weight gain and can lead to insulin resistance and hamper regulation

From what I see with the 2 curves which is a small sample size going to the Walmart brand of NPH insulin looks like a good candidate for your dog . Dosing is usually about the same in the number of units but use different syringes that can also be purchased at Walmart under the relion name

As far as dosing you could give a preliminary try at 15 units which would be a normal starting dose . Do a curve in a week and if higher than the past curve you maybe able to move up by 2 units . Remember your baseline which took 7 months to get to is 22 units which normally is comparable to vetsulin not on volume size but units from the 2 different syringes
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