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Default Re: Not sure what to do.....

I'm afraid to know what we've spent at the vets office over the last few years. I do remember there were some test on his thyroid mainly because of weight gain. I believe it was us over feeding him and the constant steroids he was out on. I will mention it again though next time we are in the office. He does have some activity intolerance but may be age related. He seems to pant a lot but that seems to come and go. He has had skin and fur problems since we rescued him from the pound. My wife and I joke with each other that we took him because he was on clearance sale because when we picked him they were surprised. We had went to the local dog pound to find a dog. They showed us several great dogs they thought would be a good match for us. We didn't really connect with any of them when my wife pointed out a dog in the back and asked about him. They tried to talk us out of him saying he was a senior dog and bigger than they thought we wanted. He was brought out to us and instantly we knew he was the one. He came up to us like acted like he had known us forever. They came back and said they would lower the price on him if we took him. We laughed thinking we got a deal. Jokes aside we couldn't be happier that we got him. We think he is the best dog ever and enjoy every minute we have with him.

We have a follow up appointment coming up and I plan to see what we can do about the insulin. If there is some reason that he has to be on Vetsulin then we will find a way to do it but if he can be managed just as well on NPH then I believe that should be looked at. At least tried to see if it will work. We are able to do the testing of the blood sugar so we can monitor him for any problems if they arise.
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