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Default Re: Not sure what to do.....

Originally Posted by Riliey and Mo View Post
i too changed insulins from caninsulin here in canada to novolin nph. the vet fired me. i started taking control of Riles diabetes. i was up to 6 1/2 units. everybody said up the insulin. i changed his food 1/2 tin twice a day started him on 5 1/2 nph then stayed there.
i.m concerned with Henry.s weight loss .not weighing him and not dropping his insulin dose. going up to 30 units is insane.
i.d weigh him. buy the nph inject starting dose wait 7 days do a curve.
peeps here use Apoquel for skin allergies it works. rashes.
why is he losing weight?
the feed chart says 2 cups twice a day
Not sure why the sudden weight loss. He had pancreatitis when they found out he was diabetic. He wasn't eating much at that time is what I thought was going on. Our vet was please with the loss. He would always bring up his weight and thought it was part of his ongoing cause of health issues. I think that's true to some degree but wasn't a big part. He is weighted everytime he goes to the vet. We do weekly curves to every other week curves and report to the vet. We check his glucose daily at home at least twice a day.

I feel since we get all of Henry's meds at the vet he wants to keep him on Vetsulin. I could be wrong about that though, it's just my feeling.
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