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Default Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20

Hi guys.

Cloud was diagnosed 4/28 with diabetes mellitus. He seems to have lost use of his hind legs the week end and i called in for a dog visit to his normal vet. There they did a blood work and sent me to the hospital and we found out he had diabetes. As far as his weakness in legs goes they needed more test which i cant afford, to find out whats wrong. I payed for a consult from the surgeon and he evaluated it to be ivdd, infection of disc, or other cause without the scans. I just find it weird if i missed signs of this or was the diabetes that i neglected to see caused his legs to give out or something. He was on prednisone for his chronic skin condition so the doctor assumes the prednisone was holding back his leg and spine pain but might have caused the trigger for his diabetes. Hes home at the moment resting on an orthopedic bed i bought for him. I currently aid him in getting up with a towel under his hind legs and he can move around for 1 min - 2 mins. They put him on Gabapentin 300mg capsules 2 every 8 hours so i believe this is helping with his pain for walking. The first day i had him home his breathing was fine and he slept throughout the night without any problems and seemed alert whenever he was awake. However last night his breathing started to rise and up till now he is breathing a bit harder. He is urinating normally from what i can see 2 times so far since waking up and not alot of water consumption like previously. He seems to be able to get up on his own when hes laying ontop of foam mats i had laid out in the living room however once hes on the tiles or laminate flooring he cant get back up and whines for me to help him up. Sometimes he just whines but doesnt want to move which im assuming he is depressed at how suddenly he cant move anymore like he did ,not even a week ago. He seems to be eating well the first night but now hes starting to not want to eat the food prescribed to him hes eating it decreasing at about 10% each time. Canned hills w/d 2 and 1/2 can a day. Currently i have some questions if anyone can help me out if possible thank you.
1.His eating has never been a problem but my parents spoiled him by giving him table scraps before and he still ate his own food but only after we eat. Is there anyway to make him want to eat a new diet by adding a topping to make him open up to it.
2.My parents have a hard time declining his advances when eating so i was wondering are there certains snacks or a boiled meat we can let him snack on in between his 12 hours meals. Cant give chicken due to his skin allergies.
3.His recent increased in respiratory rate is it due to his BG not being low as when i picked him up or is it him being a bit stressed due to his new problems.
4.Any foods can anyone recommend i try out that works well for diabetic dogs. I plan on getting him down to a lower weight due to his mobility problems so him eating less is okay but him eating nothing at all is a problem when 12 hours swings around.
5.His hind legs does anyone else have a problem like this? where it just so coincidentally happens at the same time.

Thank you guys for your help i will probably here for quite a while.
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