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Default Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20

Thanks for the quick reply’s. I forgot to mention he has thyroid problems and has been on meds for it. As far as his weight goes I’m trying to get it down to 70 to help with his mobility problems and I will look into he b 12vitamins. He seems to be full of energy now but is extremely bored and agitated due to his mobility lose so sudden. As far as feeding goes I have the hardest time in the mornings so far he isn’t interested but boy is he alert when the family starts eating. So atleast I know he has an appetite. Since he has skin problems I can’t feed him chicken because it will trigger skin problems so I was wondering if I could steam fish toppings for him and just mix in the broth with the dry food he eats. I’ve searched a lot online about homemade food and I might have to go hat route eventually because for his entire life my parents spoil him whenever I’m not home so he’s use to it and now I have to regulate him lol tempter tantrum time for atleast few months. Ive been trying to budget his new lifestyle in and I’m wondering if there’s certain sites y’all recommend I can get nice deals from on. Thank you again. As far as shots go it seems he doesn’t even care so I guess I’m lucky there ,from the stories and videos I’ve seen so far. Also is there a certain brand of BG meter that is good for me to get?

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