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Default Re: Diabetes Now Hypoglycemia-Help

In a diabetic, low blood sugar can be related to other issues. As Jesse Girl said, there may be a lack of digestion of food and conversion into sugar. Also, liver and kidney problems affect the basal blood sugar levels that are unrelated to food. When there's no food in the system, stored sugar should be released and low blood sugar results if that doesn't happen for some reason. Addison's disease (low cortisol) also leads to low blood sugar.

On the scarier side, tumors affecting the pituitary gland affect all of the hormones regulating sugar downstream. Thyroid hormones also affect it.

Is his weight stable?

I have had blood sugar in the 50s occasionally - I don't have diabetes but sometimes get a little too much insulin produced in response to a sugary or high carb meal. Blood sugar at that level, for me, is uncomfortable but isn't in seizure territory. Mostly I feel shaky starting mildly when it's in the 60s and much worse when it's in the 50s. I've never had lower than that so I don't know where the seizure threshold is.

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