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Default Re: Regulating Bailey

Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
Hello, thanks to everyone, yes my heart broke last December when I got a call from the vet saying he has diabetes. I asked what are the "side effects" and he said blindness which I dreaded. All that has since come, and gone and as you can see from my first album photo, he is doing fine and is one spoilt dog! (just ask my wife ha-ha!)

Anyhow, thanks Tara/Patty, on Sunday night he did go lower that Sat after the increase in protaphane so I might try him on 2 units Humalog on Sat morning and see how he goes, he seems to be spiking on the morning feeds!

Hey Geoff, If I understand Patty's approach correctly I like it, and it is the opposite. I don't think he is spiking so much with the morning meal, only 57 points on Sun. 1 hr. out. It is more that he is starting out higher so it takes him longer to get the numbers down. If you were to give the increased dose of the humalog at night that would help him start lower in the morning.

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