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Default Re: Diagnosed today - lots of confusion and questionable veterinary visit/info

Hi Laika's mom!
It seems like such an awful diagnosis when it first happens. You will see it can be very doable and not that expensive if you are able to take matters into your own hands. I get my Novilin N from Walmart and you no longer need a prescription.
I have not been on in a while and I found that this forum is great! go through the threads and read up!..and then realize that your pup is it's own being and things will be slightly different.
I bought an over the counter glucose meter. I take Gomey's blood from her ear. The vet should work with you to allow you to be more independent! I also take my meter with me to all vet appointments. My meter keeps track of readings!! I also like to compare my meter numbers to what the vet office human meter seems to read higher.
Gomey also had diabetic neuropathy in the beginning and that too was managed quickly. It took a while to get her back into wanting to go for walks and hunt...
I am a crazy dog mom (they rule my world and I love it!)and I loved to make Ruby's Stewbie for her. (look online for the recipe) But now she eats randomly. We are still even eating some store bought treats and brands. She needs to eat so I go by her wishes some times!
I make homemade dehydrated meats which she loves. (Walmart sells a dehydrator for like $ investment EVER! Loves Chicken, Venison, and liver) She gets a treat after the insulin and seems to wait to get her shot and is not bothered. I have had several dogs in my lifetime and I am not sure that all of them would have been as amicable about needles, Hopefully your pup makes a GREAT patient!
I am very good about giving her insulin 12 hours apart. you will see some of the people here will switch amounts etc since they are that AWARE of their dogs. Gomey gets her same amount at each time "12" hours apart.
Am I able to go out and have a life?...yes...figuring what that best 12 hour needle time frame is takes some thought! I am a morning person and the dogs love a morning walk. She takes her walk before her insulin. Currently we do shots at 6:20am and pm
As far as her eating right at her insulin times, it doesn't work for us anymore. Gomey gets a snack with her morning insulin and her evening meal time varies, I have to catch her when she is hungry!
I have not been checking Gomey's numbers as much as I use too. We still see a vet and have a senior blood screening that will tell me how her sugar numbers have been tracking. ($230 for the blood work)
We had cataracts to begin with and now she is almost blind.
Gomey is doing amazing, she can be incontinent but we opted against meds for that and have piddle pads around.
hopefully you will find this to be manageable ! Maybe ask your vet if any other patients have diabetes and if so if anyone is doing really well...maybe you could ask if your vet could share your info with that client and you could chat with them??
Good luck with this! Be patient and know that your pup is worth it and it will work out as just another part of your daily routine!
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