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Default Re: Annie & Craig - Getting too smart!

Originally Posted by CraigM View Post
Since Iíve been diagnosed as a type-2 Iíve been able to make use of Annieís ReliOn Prime meter. Thankfully, not on insulin yet.

No doubt, Annie's watching you poke yourself with a big grin on her face.

Many moons ago when I was working out at a gym 4 - 5 mornings a week, met a guy who was dx'd as Type ll. He weighed ~250# and was on some oral meds for his diabetes. We both worked out very early and began to work out together , ... spotting each other in the free weight area, etc.

Over the course of about a year he lost about 50# and really firmed up. ... Bottom Line: his blood sugar returned to normal levels and he was off all meds, etc. He got there just by losing excess weight and watching what he was eating.

Good luck with your situation.

Otis Farrell dx'd 12/10, best friend to his dad, Bill, for over 14 years. Left this world while in his dadís loving arms 10/04/13. Sonny Farrell dx'd 1/14, adopted 5/15/14. Left this world while in his dad's loving arms 9/06/16. Run pain free, you Pug guys, til we're together again.

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