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Default Re: Questions about Yuki

So now I'm running into a totally different situation and I truly need anybody's help on this one.

Yukon is still picky with his food so I have been putting boiled chicken and chicken bone broth on it and he eats almost half of it and then a few hours later eats the rest. I always have to take his blood sugar before and if it's high like in the 400s I will give him his full insulin dose.

Today he is throwing me for a loop. We got up this morning and his blood sugar was 125 and he didn't want to eat so I didn't give him his insulin. He went on the back porch and slept for a couple hours and came in and ate 3/4 of his food. I checked about 30 minutes later his blood sugar only went up to 175 which is very unusual 30 minutes after eating food. He then ate the rest of his food and I waited an hour and took his blood sugar again and it was only 200. I didn't give him his insulin shot until four hours after his original shot is supposed to be scheduled because then it was 410 and I felt comfortable giving him his shot but I only gave him 10 units versus 11.5 units.

Same thing happened for dinner now his insulin is 150 he ate almost his entire meal within 25 minutes I took him for a long walk and three hours later his blood sugar is 201.

I'm going to have to stay up a couple more hours and test his blood again and determine how much insulin I should give him.

Has anyone had this happen before where he eats a full meal and his blood sugar doesn't go up hardly at all?
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