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Default Re: Questions about Yuki

So I had bloodwork done Friday on Yukon and the vet called back today and said that his Acute Pancreatitis is acting up again - slight elevation. She said his Liver count is off a little and she thinks it is from the pancreas. But she also said that she thinks his body is now not producing enough Cortisol so instead of Cushings he might be getting Addison's.

I don't give him anything that would give him the Pancreatitis so I am a little baffled :-(
15 yr old, Atypical Cushings, Pancreatitis, Allergies. 11.5u Vetsulin 2x a day. Royal Canin Glycobalance 1 cup 2x Day with 3 teaspoons boiled chicken and chicken bone broth. Snacks Green Beans. Tylan Powder, Purina Fortiflora, Flax Hull Lignans 35mg 1x day.
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