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Post Newly Dx: Ruby, my foster rescue Yorkie mix

Long story made short, I am fostering Ruby, who presented with chest/abdominal tumors, high liver numbers and pancreatitis. She was emaciated at 4 pds. Surgery to remove tumors. Treatment of pancreatitis with enzymes added to food. She was given prednisone along the way. I was not involved then, and do not know what that was for. I became her foster about three weeks ago. She was drinking excessively and peeing, of course. I waited until the prednisone should have been out of her system. But the symptoms persisted. Back to the vet for UA and blood work. BG was in the 400s, ketones in urine. Vet ran a curve the next day, Rx is .5 ml Vetsulin, BID. UA today or tomorrow. Another curve next week. This morning she ate very little, so I opted to skip her injection. 1/4 of .5 ml is too small for me to judge. I contacted our vet with an update, but frankly, with our girl Ruffles, other owners of diabetic dogs (HERE!) were a better source of helpful information. I know I need to begin testing here at home, and have the supplies needed. I was out of town and her former foster took her to the vet for the curve. She is almost 7 pds now, but still not much meat on her bones. Sweet temperament, mostly calm. My question now is, do I just resume feeding and injection on schedule? I think so, unless the vet chooses to intervene. This is kind of tricky, since she is a foster, but the director of the rescue is on board with what I have suggested so far.

The vet did not intervene, so I plan to feed and inject tonight on schedule. Vet is hoping that liver numbers will become lower once we get her on a better dose of insulin. This vet seems to be more knowledgeable than the one we had when Ruffles was Dx. She is taking a conservative approach to dosage, which is the opposite of what was done for Ruffles.
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