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Red face Re: Newly Dx: Ruby, my foster rescue Yorkie mix

More information!

Last Thursday: Check curve- slightly dehydrated Ate about 7:30AM
Norm-R fluids at 9:00 AM- 15ml /hour
8:54AM: Gluc 497
9:19AM .5 U Vetsulin SQ
11AM: Gluc 420
2PM:GLUC 360
4PM: GLUC 322

CBC-inc neu-12.79 (2.95-11.64), Bands-sus, dec lymphs, inc Mono, inc PLT-787CHEM- inc Gluc (453), dec Crea (.3), Inc TP (>12), Inc ALT (470), inc GGT (23), ALKP (needed dilution), TBIL-6.8, Dec AMYL-311, Dec Cl(104)UA- SPG1.037, KEtones (2+), GLU (4+)7-8% dehydrated

This (UA result) is more information than I understand. We take a urine sample in this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Another curve is scheduled for next Thursday. She is calm enough that those curves may be OK, but I hope to have everything in place by next week to begin home testing.

I think I should weigh one cup of her kibble and calculate the .9 needed for an 8 pd dog (she is only 7 pds now). Of course, divide that by 2 for the feedings. Is it unrealistic to hope she will begin to gain weight as we get BG lower? Should I push for an increase to 1 unit/BID? the .5 unit lowered from 497 to lowest of 322. If that is consistent, 1 unit should put her about 150 at lowest. .75 units would be difficult to measure. She is still drinking excessively, but not quite as much as before. urine output still elevated. Hunger is too, but I have not increased her food yet. Vet has her on Kirkland Adult Dog Lamb, Veggie, and Rice with enzymes over the food (for pancreatitis).

Added note: UA today showed no improvement. Raise insulin to 1 unit, BID.
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