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Default Re: Newly Dx: Ruby, my foster rescue Yorkie mix

Thank you for your response. The vet has raised the dose to 1 unit as of this evening. There was no change in ketones in urine. She is still exhibiting the 3 main symptoms: Polyuria - the need to urinate frequently; Polydipsia - increased thirst & fluid intake; and Polyphagia - increased appetite. I hope we will see some improvement by next Thursday.

I am going to feed just under 1/2 cup of kibble (which is for an 8 pd. dog) to try to help her gain a little weight. She is SO skinny. We put enzymes on it with warm water and let it soak for 20 minutes before serving it to her. I added 1/2 tsp pureed turkey baby food this morning, which helped her eat all of her kibble so she got a full dose of insulin.

The Alpha Trak will be here by Friday or Saturday, so we can begin home testing BG. We need to know the lowest reading in order to determine whether to increase the dose or not. The vet wants to do another curve next Thursday, but that only goes through 4 pm and has no beginning fasting test, so we don't know if the 6 pm or 8 pm reading would be higher or lower. The trend is down during the day, but i will not be surprised if it begin to rise a little. (I tested Ruffles before nearly every injection and ran curves once a week. She had other issues, but so does Ruby. They are just different issues.)

As of today, her feeding times are 9 and 9.
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