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Default Re: Newly Dx: Ruby, my foster rescue Yorkie mix

Thank you, Raysaint. I wondered why the vet started her so low, since 1.4-1.5 is the recommended beginning dose. Her highest BG was 497 and after the .5 dose, it did come down during the day. We have ordered an Alpha Trak which should arrive tomorrow, and I will go to the rescue director's house to get it.

Today, we are working on becoming friends, Ruby and I. She does not know how to relax and snuggle, is uncomfortable being next to a human. So I'm picking her up often, petting her and praising her every time she pees outside (taking her out every time she drinks, which is sometimes twice an hour right now). I want her to learn to at least sit on the ottoman and relax. She came up there once on her own just a few minutes ago, so that is limited progress. Her reluctance is making the injections more difficult, but I am still trying to figure out the best place and posture for her when injecting. A treat does not seem to get her attention when placed within eyesight.

Judging by her water consumption, Ruby did not have much change during the first week. We just began the 1 unit injections last night, so it is to soon to tell if the increased dose will help. She may be a little more perky today. I hope to begin testing her BG this weekend so we will have better information. The vet did not do a fasting BG since she had eaten before being taken in last Thursday, and they stopped at 4 pm because they close at 6. So we do not know what a 6- or 8-o'clock evening reading would be.

I also increased her kibble last night since the recommended amount is more than she was getting. She is still quite under weight, and has little meat on her bones. So the extra food will impact BG as well. Of course, being a rescue, we do not have a medical history on her, so there is a multitude of unknowns.
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