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Default Glucose above 400 - Need advice

I'm looking for advice/guidance/feedback on adjusting insulin dose. I'm very concerned that my dog is going to slip back into ketoacidosis. I've been quickly (see attached charts) increasing her dose (now at 16 units, 2X/day). Ketoacidosis vs hypoglycemia. I know she almost recently died from ketoacidosis. Am I increasing her dose to quickly? Should I keep increasing? Same rate? I'm hoping someone has some valuable experience and knowledge to share.

I'll try to pack in as much info as I have.

Dog: Female Lab/Collie mix, ~11 years old, 47 lbs
Diagnosed with diabetes August 1, 2018.

Symptoms included clear sticky residue where she slept, constant thirst/drinking, large increase in appetite and decrease in body weight over the course of of couple weeks or so (was at ~50 lbs)

Went to Emergency hospital 4 days after diagnosis because she went into ketoacidosis. She was throwing up (yellow foam-ish) for over a day and when she started throwing up water after drinking (she couldn't even keep water down), I took her in. She was on IV with antibiotics and short/quick-acting insulin for the 2.5 days.

On August 6, 2018 I started managing (or at least trying to) her diabetes.

Monitor: Alpha-Track 2

Test sites: calluses on elbows

Meals (2x/Day, every 12 hours): ~0.15 lbs Merrick Beef and Sweet Potato (dry), 0.2 lbs Newman's Own Organic Beef (wet), ~.3 lbs 85% lean beef with fat most drained after cooking (Costco) - handful of baby spinach chopped up and mixed in.

Insulin dose: I started out at 5 units 2X/day on Aug 6, and I'm now at 16 units 2X/day on Aug 25.

I've attached images showing a graph of glucose readings and insulin dosing, in addition to meal size and exercise. A full-size, normal meal will show as a value of 300 in the charts, along with a typical full activity/exercise period (which she hasn't had since diagnosis). Insulin dose values use the second/right side y axis.

The nutshell of the charts is that the first week of treatment may have been a bit of a "honeymoon" period, or effects from antibiotics, etc from here hospital visit. 5 Units seemed to be having an effect but very shortly after her glucose shot back up around 400 and the Novolin-N didn't seem to be having an effect so I've been continuing to increase her dose by 1 unit every day or two until I consistently get readings below 300.

The first chart is for Aug 6 to Aug 18, the seconds is for Aug 19 to Aug 25 (now).

Ah, dooh, can't seem to upload images. Sorry for the inconvenience. Table data from excel in following message...

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