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Default Re: Glucose above 400 - Need advice

Thanks very much for the quick reply.

Her name is Elee (aka's: The ferocious One, The Colossal One, Beast, Dog, Dog who never shuts up while on the boat).

In re the 5 to 7 days. Thanks, I hold to that and hope it continues to drop.

Her glucose just (last night) started dropping below 300 when I increased her dose to 16 units after 1.5 days at 15 (and previously 2 days at 13). In 2 weeks I've went from 7.5 (last prescribed 2 weeks ago) to 16. I increased so fast because because her lowest glucose for the day was 350 or so (for weeks), and she was averaging over 400. Additionally, she started getting dandruff, which was a precursor to her going into ketoacidosis (I have urine test strips, and so far she's OK), so I kept increasing every day or so until she got under 300.

Just to confirm, are the guidelines to stay at the dose for 5 to 7 days even if all of her glucose stays above 400, with exception of one or two in 350'ish range?

I'm not trying to put anyone on the spot, I just don't have access to knowledge and experience (my last 3 vets didn't have any idea about the AAHA guidelines for NPH/Novolin-N and they started me at 5 units for the first 2 weeks).
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