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Default Re: Glucose above 400 - Need advice

Elee - 11 yrs old - 47lbs - lab/collie - diagnosed 1 Aug 2018 - now on 16 units Novolin-N 2x/day

Everyone, Thanks very much for the valuable and quick feedback. After getting 2 consecutive readings below 300 today, Elee is noticeably more her typical self, but still not fully back to her normal energy level.

Consensus is for me to hold at 16 units for at least 5 days. Thanks for the confirmation and piece of mind. That's our plan.

In re Novolin-N and Walmart, yes, thanks. That's a great tip. Fortunately my pharmacist at Costco didn't fill my first prescription and told me the same thing, so I saved $100's just by having a great pharmacist.

In re her meals, I don't weigh them but I'll check Amzn for something inexpensive. That will help remove one questionable variable. Thanks. As for snacks, the last 3 days I've been giving her about 0.15lbs (~6 small pieces) of BBQ steak (a lean cut) between her 9 am meal and 9 pm meal, usually between 3 and 6 pm. I stopped all her other snacks when she was diagnosed and only give her protein (like bbq steak, no seasoning or marinade). She's thrown up 2 or 3 times since she got out of the hospital (Aug 6) and it was yellow foam and one time had some grass (I try to keep her from eating it). My guess was that her belly was really empty and she's been inhaling every meals so figured low/no glycemic snack might help. Forgot to mention that the throwing up also added to the urgency and my decision to increase the dose at a faster rate.

After doing a lot of reading here, I realize it's a marathon, but watching her go through a weekend at the hospital with ketoacidosis has made the race to under 300 feel like a life or death sprint. The information on this site is providing the best guidance I've received thus far. Thank you all very much.

btw - is there a way to upload pics. I have 3 weeks of data, with 4 to 6 glucose readings every day (along with meal relative size and relative exercise). The data provided by other users has been very helpful. I hope I can provide helpful data in return.

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