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Wink Re: Metacam liquid pain medicine

I think it only comes in the 7.5, my vet did not give to me, she rx-ed it to me and i took to pharmancy, my only guess is that my dog weighs 90 lbs, he was started out on 1/2 tablet, that'd be 3.2 mg, cut into 8th's .93 mg each.

.93 X 8 = 7.44 or the 7.5 mg original tablet

ask the vet what mg you would give the dog if she would prescribe it, that would give you an answer to the mg. for your doggies.

Ex: Niki used 2 times 51 lbs

I know I gave Niki 1/2 tablet 3.2 when she hurt her leg when first blind so she is 51 lbs. So the 1/2 tablet must work for 51 lb dog also, thats what the vet told me to do, i had to call her first to see if Niki could take it being she was diabetic.
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