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Default Brief info on food allergies

Some brief information on food allergies from an e-newsletter I receive from University of Illinois Vet School:

Full Text:

The most common food allergens in dogs are proteins such as chicken and beef, as well as dairy products. "Clinical signs of a food allergy usually start in a young puppy less than one year of age," mentions Dr. Santoro. Each animal can have different clinical signs, which can sometimes make a diagnosis difficult.

Many animals come into the clinic with itchy skin, ear problems, and recurrent skin infections. But not all animals with these symptoms necessarily have a food allergy. "The only way to make a diagnosis of food allergies is with a food trial," says Dr. Santoro.
In addition to food allergies, pets can have an environmental allergy, which may be seasonal, most commonly in the spring, summer, and fall, or non seasonal since they can also be allergic to house mites. Diagnosing these problems can be quite difficult. But one point to remember in differing food allergies from a long list of other diagnoses is that food allergies occur throughout the year, and are not usually seasonal.