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Old 05-09-2020, 06:58 PM
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Default Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20

MisterAlan, to give you a point of reference, my dog at start was 87lbs and was told by the vet to start at 15 twice a day as a starting dose. But the ideal dosage is actually 20 units twice a day. In my case im doing 10 and 30 units due to his eating habits and after a month I can get him between 150-300 glucose levels at the moment. Others on here probably can advise better on dosing as I got some great feedback from a few of the other longtime members.

Ive had several huskies and well frankly as they get older and overweight, the joints flare up and cause them to do many of the things you explain. Getting them at the right weight is very important, so ive changed over to a lower fat adult meal. Again, see if you can find an orthopedic vet whom can isolate this to possible osteoarthritis/arthritis or nerve related. Arthritis can be verified by leg extension and hip articulation movements by a smart vet while some will just go straight for a X-ray of the lower back/rear legs. You may want to inquire with your vet about an NSAID like carprofen/galliprant and try it for a few days to see if he responds, as that will also help isolate his rear end weakness to arthritis/joint inflammation or something else.

I went down a wild good chase as you thinking it was neuropathy and it was arthritis. If your dog has neuropathy, one tell tale is that when they walk, they tend to drag their paws and knuckles and you'll hear a scraping sounds as they cant pick up their foot properly.

Its tough fighting both these issues simultaneously but hang in there.
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Old 05-09-2020, 08:29 PM
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Default Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20

Ahh thank you for giving me this info on his legs. At the moment what you described as neuropathy seems to fit at least from the symptoms wise fits perfectly. His paws knuckle in and he drags them when im helping him sometimes, sometimes he can get a nice stride in before he goes back to knuckling. Ive held his hind legs when he potties and it seems he can lift his legs but somehow he cant control them that well as if he has no feeling in them. I am sure since hes old he has arthritis also but after you told me the neuropathy signs it seems he has them both. He is currently 80 lbs im sure its dropped a few more since he doesnt want to eat a full meal lately unless its homemade food. I will look into a consult for orthopedic vet when possible. Also it seems upping his unit by 1 dropped his BG down 100 points at peak insulin. So its at 400 but i think it will drop a little further in 2 days and see where it settles and do another curve with my vet. At the moment im battling his new found use of whining and since he doesnt want to walk he is damn full of energy being a husky hahah.
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Old 07-06-2020, 10:07 PM
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Default Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20

Ive been away for quite a bit because I've been busy with school and regulating my dog and figuring out all his kinks and researching and i have very good results so far thanks to you guys and your support and advice. First off my dog was panting and always nauseated for an entire month and i thought it was because i didn't have his diabetes regulated. One night he didn't sleep at all and was breathing very fast but didn't seem like he was having a hard time gaining oxygen so i took him to the pet hospital because this looked serious. Well as always when you go to a vet hospital they want 5 grand worth of scans before diagnosing anything and i couldn't fork that out because i just loaded up on his diabetic visit recently. All i got was the normal check up and a complimentary scan to check his lungs. This showed nothing and the vet said its odd because every organ doesn't seem to have any problems but Cloud just looked extremely distressed and sickly. So i told her to give him a pain killer shot and ill take him home to see if its pain or not that is causing it. The shot seemed to have given him respite and allowed him to sleep for a few hours before waking up with labored breathing but not as bad. Well i decided to start taking out medicines of my dog that he was on recently just straight cold turkey. It seemed to do the trick he was on tramadol, gabapentine, and galliprant for pain. The next 24 hours these symptoms went away pretty much 80% if not completely and it seemed i had my dog back since going to the hospital for his diabetes crisis. He was still on galliprant but it seems it didn't affect his breathing but the former 2 seem to be the culprit. Ive taken him off galliprant now and he seems to do just fine also, so it seems pain is not a big factor in my dogs condition from not being able to walk. So his heavy breathing and sickly feeling went away after taking him off those medications.

Now onto regulating. I slowly upped his dosage every week trying to get some curves to look more level. From 7-15 units was very frustrating but i took alot of advice and didn't care about the numbers too much till i had a descent nadir and routine before panicking(very hard to do for any owner with a diabetic pet i believe!) after trying everything out. Throughout May and June i have located his nadir which is 4 hours after injection pretty consistently from all my of my checks so in order to save money i just check his nadir and fasting times because i was im in a tight spot. At first 7-10 units it didn't budge much staying in the upper 400 nadir at 350s. From here as i increased i would get 400s still but the nadir would drop to the 200-150s as it went up but spike really fast to 400-450s on fasting. When i got around 12-13 i saw nadir at 80s but spike up to 350-400. So i thought to myself i seem to have found my playground for tweaking his food now after finding his nadir since this is the only thing that i can tweak for now after ruling out infections. Throughout this Cloud seemed to be a tough guy the diabetic symptoms hardly showed, no more drinking like mad and urinating but his regulation is still a mess but no symptoms. Now i did extreme research on diets for him since he cant eat chicken and basically all diabetic food is chicken based sadly so i had to home cook his meals. I read everywhere online and on this site with alot solutions but seems alot of it conflicts but works in each case for each person so i can only test and find out. I had to learn how much calories a dog his age and ideal weight should eat then break it down to two meals in grams of carbs protein fats he should intake. Currently he is eating 200 grams of cooked ground beef or turkey, 70 grams of barley cooked, 40 grams pinto beans, in each meal along with 14 units of vetsulin. This proved the best min/max solution i can find for him at the moment because his nadir75-80/fasting150-180. This is subject to change like most people say but at the moment this has been steady for 3 weeks and i think i have him regulated at the moment. Side note i had him on 15 units before and his fasting were in the 250s so i listened to the advice i read here and tried going down one unit and that seemed to do the trick for his BG.

Now onto his final problem his hind legs didn't work. Seems after a month of no improvement my parents thought he would be paralyzed for good, and the vets pretty much thought it was anything other than the diabetes causing this problem. Me on the other hand i had this gut feeling it was the diabetes causing this problem because it basically came at the same time. So i heeded everyone's advice and loaded him up with vitamin b-12 methyl i purchased from GNC because every other brand contained artificial sweetener it seems. Well these past three weeks after getting his curve regulated he started trying to walk on his own. The first week he lifted off about 6 inches on his own but that was the extent. Five days later he could get up on his own but not walk. Second week he got up made it half way down the hall. Four days later made it all the way to the back door. Two days later he could go walk back and forth from back door to his room on his own. Third week which is this past week he is able to go in and out with little to no help and is able to do his business without me aiding him from losing balance. These past two days he has regained his confidence and is walking around the house more often now and seems a bit more spunky that he can because he comes out telling me to fix his food immediately lol. It seems everything is starting to normalize for Cloud and the family the routine is set but he seems to go back to his whimsical personality now that he got his legs back haha. Also Cloud is on 500mg CBD oil and it seems to work so i will keep him on this. I am very thankful for everyone's advice and encouragement here and i don't know how to repay you back for this because odds are i probably would have euthanized him if i saw no improvements and he was still miserable but thank fully hes back to his normal self pretty much soon. I will still come in whenever i can to keep updates for you guys. Thank You Everyone at K9Diabetes.

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Old 07-07-2020, 06:58 AM
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Default Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20

Great Update . Yeah many times the caretaker has to be the detective on figuring out what is wrong . Vets only spend a short time with their patients same as people with their doctors .Its all trial and error . You become the foremost expert on your dogs condition . Many times in western medicine we just try to treat symptoms and really dont cure much . Our body does most of the work and sometimes we unbalance the body by taking medications .

Great work figuring this out you probably wont no for sure if the b/12 or better blood sugar or both helped improved mobility but its wonderful cloud is on a better path

I am a total believer in a balanced homemade diet and the reason I believe jesse has had such a long life with disease ( knock on wood ) and possible why her epilepsy went into remission 4 years ago having it since a pup

Its not that complicated but us humans have a tendency to make it complicated . You take it step by step . If it works you keep it if not you throw it on the scrap heap . In the end most times if you want good results you may have to do most of the work which you did

Keep up the good work and congrats . You might want to let your vet know what you ended up doing to suggest to future patients . Stop in from time to time to tell us how things are going . Its so important for newbies to learn and get information that just isnt available from the professionals .
Jesse-26 lbs - 15.5 years old - 10 years diabetic - one meal a day homemade and a vitabone snack - 3 shots of Novolin a day sometimes Novolog or r as a correction to higher sugar but that is rare. total insulin for a 24 hour period is between 8 and 10 units of NPH insulin depending on her fasting number

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