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Old 03-23-2012, 11:33 AM
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Default Re: Jesse girl

Originally Posted by jesse girl View Post
as my mom said nobody ever promised you a rose garden
That's such a true statement. You've done such a great job for Jesse.
Happy 2 year anniversary!!!
(Ali is jealous of her rabbit catch . She would not have liked the releasing part either!)
Patty and Ali 13.5yrs 47lbs diagnosed May '08 Ali earned her wings October 27, 2012, 4 months after diagnosis of a meningioma ~ Time is precious ~
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Old 03-23-2012, 01:05 PM
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Default Re: Jesse girl

Yay! Congrats on the two year anniversary! You have proven to be a spectacular diabetes mom with Jesse and her being so difficult. She is SO lucky to have you!

I have to agree completely with your idea on quality of life with Jesse. I do the same for my Hank...I'll work around the walking whichever way I have to because he loves it so much. I'm glad you do the same!

Shell and Hank (aka Mr. Pickypants) - now deceased (4/29/1999 - 12/4/2015) Cairn Terrier mix who was diagnosed 8/18/2011 and on .75 U Levemir 2Xday. Miss you little man!
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Old 03-23-2012, 03:54 PM
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Default Re: Jesse girl

Congrats on 2 years of puppy love! A great milestone for sure and as long as they have quality of life, that is all we can ask for.
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Old 03-23-2012, 04:19 PM
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Default Re: Jesse girl

Congratulations for your dedication and on giving Jesse a great quality of life.

There's one happy rabbit somewhere in the world and Jesse got her 2nd year anniversary gift.

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Old 03-23-2012, 04:24 PM
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Default Re: Jesse girl

What an inspiring story! Happy Anniversary to you and Jesse
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Old 03-23-2012, 10:08 PM
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Default Re: Jesse girl

Congratulations on two years of successfully managing Miss Jesse's diabetes!

I absolutely love that you were willing to step outside the norm and customize something that works for her.

I found myself wondering what your relationship with the vet is like in terms of her diabetes.

The vet we had when we started customizing a system for Chris was not really behind our doing it (but since we could get the insulin and syringes without her help, we didn't need her to go along), and then we switched vets to one who was filled in by an IMS that we had Chris' diabetes completely managed and he left that entirely up to me and didn't get involved at all or even ask about it.

Is Jesse's vet aware of your routine and keeping it in mind for other patients with similar problems? Or is the vet hands off altogether and has no idea what you're doing? Aware of it and annoyed?

Like Chris with us, Jesse is lucky you have a flexible schedule. It's a very frustrating situation when you know an offbeat routine would work but the schedule won't allow for it.

It's such a great success story. If you ever get the time and inclination, I don't think Jesse's road to regulation is a story in the Stories section of the forum. It would be great to document the process you went through and show how insulin without food can be a good way to regulate a challenging dog.


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Old 03-24-2012, 09:57 AM
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Default Re: Jesse girl

thanks everyone jesse really appreciates all the good wishes and support she is a tuff little girl with a feminine side

well natalie what happened i started managing jesses disease on my own without my vets knowledge i was very concerned how things were going with that vetsilin problems and they did seem very confused i lost confidence in there ability to manage jesses diabetes i dont believe its there fault jesse just did not follow the normal pattern

so when i went back to the vet for an anal sac problem they asked me was jesse still on 6 units twice a day i said no she was on 3 at the time they were so upset probably because i was doing this on my own and demanded me to put her back up to six units well at that level i was shoveling spoonfuls of karo just to keep her alive they demanded to put her back to six they would not listen to what i had to say i guess tunnel vision i knew the trust was gone on both sides

so i went to another vet for jesses anal sac problem did a great job on that looked at her records and all the things she had been through ( older gentlemen i like that all business ) he asked about jesse regulation i said its like a roller coaster and said it might be a miss diagnosis and possibly try to remove her off insulin it may take a few days to see if the body would return to normal and we did try that and she did have some downward momentum without insulin but you could see it was needed

so thats the only conversation i had with him other than the procedure on the anal sac and said i need to get her home on time to feed and give her shot will we be able to do that

I think he is a great vet and probably would listen on what i had to say about jesses routine but after the first vet experience( that did a good job bringing jesse back from the brink) i just felt she was doing good and i did not want to disturb that so yes we are on our own as far as managing her diabetes

the forum gave me the clues on what to do it showed me you could give insulin without food jesse had digestive issue not an appetite problem and i remember you saying you withheld food when your dog had diarrhea to clear it up so i thought maybe one meal a day would help with her digestive issues giving her digestive system a break and you know what common sense worked in this case jesses digestive issues cleared up numbers improved . i did return to the 2 meal routine and her issues returned so we went back to the one meal its been a year and a half on that routine

the schedule is not really that more demanding than the 12 and 12 routine she can be left for the day when i go to work

i will wright up her story i just wanted to give it some time to a point i am satisfied with and i am close to that .
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Old 03-26-2012, 06:31 AM
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Default Re: Jesse girl

Congratulations to you and Jessie....
You are truly an inspiration to all of us, and Jessie is really lucky to have such a dedicated partner through life.

I always look forward to your wonderful insight, and just thinking outside the box.

Congratulations, once again, and many, many more happy years chasing those rabbits.
Barb & Abby 12/24/1999-12/31/2013 ~ dx 5/10/2011 ~ Forever in my heart ~
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Old 03-26-2012, 08:54 AM
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Default Re: Jesse girl

Originally Posted by Abby's Mom View Post
Congratulations to you and Jessie....
You are truly an inspiration to all of us, and Jessie is really lucky to have such a dedicated partner through life.

I always look forward to your wonderful insight, and just thinking outside the box.

Congratulations, once again, and many, many more happy years chasing those rabbits.
i always wondered why jesse would have some good numbers and not so good and tried to figure a pattern from it and it was difficult it made no sense .

you confirmed to me that there was more going on that meets the eye and it all came down to fasting to determine what was going on as you concluded a lower fasting the body balances that out by releasing glucose into the body and raising blood sugar

if higher more glucose to work with the body does not respond and jesse will drop at onset which gave the appearance of the curve changing from cycle to cycle hollies maggies seems to have the same problem i think craigs annies spike at onset has not as much to do with food but more on the body responding to the lower fasting and adding some fast acting can control this response and when annie has a rare higher number it clears very fast

as judi says that piece to the puzzle oh and i believe its a big one it explains so much about jesse this is how her body balances injected insulin her body perceives wiggle room quite amazing and it makes sense

so with this knowledge gave me something to work with i was always curious about pattys allie giving so many meals how could that work well it all makes sense the food and the glucose it provides interrupts the bodies response if timed correctly and the wright kind of food

so i incorporated snacks when insulin was begriming to strengthen it was like magic it interrupted her drop which kept her flat the rest of the day with a lower fasting if you have read noodles thread jesse had numbers that flat maybe 10 point range from 6 hours earlier to fasting something i thought was never possible .

now this all works best with a higher fasting maybe about 200 and a midmorning and a midnight snack now with a lower fasting and thats how its been working lately, higher in the morning lower in the evening how to address that i know for the most part she is going to rise but i am not going to give a shot of r as craig does with his annie but her pattern is well established for craige and he can do that i am not that confident with jesse

so i give her a spit dose 1/2 dose at meal and half 3 hours later if she is higher at the second shot and she has been 95 percent of the time i will give her some fast acting with the rest of her nph now that 5 percent of the time is why i dont give r at mealtime at a lower fasting

so barb thanks for confirming this it is a game changer i am thinking raising the blood sugar at fasting if it is lower food probably wont work because she is fed at that time and it has not made a difference she will probably need some liquid sugar to do that so its our next project for me and jesse

it never ends and i dont mind jesse can help others in the future and she likes that with her rabbits of coarse also
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Old 03-26-2012, 09:07 AM
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Default Re: Jesse girl

See this really makes no since. This is when she started changing. going up during the day instead of down. with about the same fasting numbers just 1/2 unit less of Levemir.


5:30 160 4 units Levemir
8:30 107
2:00 57

change to 3 1/2
Next day.
5:30 168
9:30 253

I know what you are saying If we start in th 300's we will come down, if we start in the 100's we will go up. but those numbers i can't explain.
Maggie, 70 lb golden Lab. dx 12/30/11 w/d kibble with a little canned innova, boiled chicken pieces after shot for treat.. starting on Levemir 3 units. 2/25/12
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