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Old 01-12-2009, 10:05 PM
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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

Great idea. I'm keeping a log on Lucy but always nice to have stuff stored online.

Also nice to have info posted where experts can have a look.

Dog's name: Lucy
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog
Dog's weight: 1/12/09 28#

Brand of BG meter if home testing: One Touch Ultra 2
Tested during Lucy's spay. It reads 41 points low.

Curve by vet 12/26/08

1 - 442 @ 10:30 AM
2 - 406 @ 1:30 PM
3 - 450 @ 4:30 PM
4 - 454 @ 2:30 PM
5 - 300 @ 4:30 PM

HUH? OK. They totally hosed the time entries. What else did they screw up? I'm guessing the times should be every two hours, but which is which?

Vet initially advised 5 units twice daily on 12/20/08. This was the curve that made them advise going up to 7 units twice daily. No check was done after that.

Not confidence inspiring...

Diet: 1/12/09 1.5 cups W-D/1.5 cups Kahoots x twice daily

Insulin: 1/12/09 Vetsulin
Number of units per injection and injections per day: 7 x twice daily

Vet visit 1/13/09

1/14/09 Vetsulin increased per vet instructions after lab test: 8 IU x twice daily

Lab test: BG - 399
Fructosamine - 631

Weight: 30#

Began home testing

Meals are at 8:00 AM & PM

1/16 6:30 PM.... BG 283
1/17 10:00 AM.... BG 351
1/17 6:00 PM.... BG 363

Note: Lucy's energy level has been noticeably higher since increasing dose. Keta-Diastix reading have gone from consistent 2000 to consistent 500-1000.

Lucy's home test curve 1/22/09

7:50 PM 296
6:08 PM 282
4:24 PM 334
2:07 PM 375
12:22 PM 402
10:03 AM 420

8:00 AM Injection 8 IU Vetsulin

7:45 AM Meal 1 Cup Kahoots dry/1 Cup Science Diet W-D dry
7:38 AM 343
7:00 AM Keta Diastix 1000 Ketones Negative

1/23/09 Diet change: 1 cup Kahoots/ 3/4 cup W-D/ 3/4 cup Science Diet Lite x twice daily

Weight still 30-31 pounds

1/26/09 Lucy's Vetsulin increased to 9 IU x twice daily per vet's instructions

1/31 BG Curve.... meals at 7:45 AM & PM...Injections at 8:00 AM & PM

2/11 Weight 30 pounds.

2/11 Vetsulin dose increased to 10 IU x twice daily per vet instructions

Still getting 500-1000 Ketadiastix readings... Ketones Negative

2/17/09 Lucy got spayed today!

3/03/09 Insulin change: Started Relion N Nph @ 8 IU x twice daily

3/12/09 Rabies vaccine today. Lucy weighs 32#

3/30/09 Parvo, distemper, kennel cough vaccines today. Lucy weighs 32.8#

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