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Old 05-09-2020, 06:58 PM
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Default Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20

MisterAlan, to give you a point of reference, my dog at start was 87lbs and was told by the vet to start at 15 twice a day as a starting dose. But the ideal dosage is actually 20 units twice a day. In my case im doing 10 and 30 units due to his eating habits and after a month I can get him between 150-300 glucose levels at the moment. Others on here probably can advise better on dosing as I got some great feedback from a few of the other longtime members.

Ive had several huskies and well frankly as they get older and overweight, the joints flare up and cause them to do many of the things you explain. Getting them at the right weight is very important, so ive changed over to a lower fat adult meal. Again, see if you can find an orthopedic vet whom can isolate this to possible osteoarthritis/arthritis or nerve related. Arthritis can be verified by leg extension and hip articulation movements by a smart vet while some will just go straight for a X-ray of the lower back/rear legs. You may want to inquire with your vet about an NSAID like carprofen/galliprant and try it for a few days to see if he responds, as that will also help isolate his rear end weakness to arthritis/joint inflammation or something else.

I went down a wild good chase as you thinking it was neuropathy and it was arthritis. If your dog has neuropathy, one tell tale is that when they walk, they tend to drag their paws and knuckles and you'll hear a scraping sounds as they cant pick up their foot properly.

Its tough fighting both these issues simultaneously but hang in there.
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Old 05-09-2020, 08:29 PM
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Default Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20

Ahh thank you for giving me this info on his legs. At the moment what you described as neuropathy seems to fit at least from the symptoms wise fits perfectly. His paws knuckle in and he drags them when im helping him sometimes, sometimes he can get a nice stride in before he goes back to knuckling. Ive held his hind legs when he potties and it seems he can lift his legs but somehow he cant control them that well as if he has no feeling in them. I am sure since hes old he has arthritis also but after you told me the neuropathy signs it seems he has them both. He is currently 80 lbs im sure its dropped a few more since he doesnt want to eat a full meal lately unless its homemade food. I will look into a consult for orthopedic vet when possible. Also it seems upping his unit by 1 dropped his BG down 100 points at peak insulin. So its at 400 but i think it will drop a little further in 2 days and see where it settles and do another curve with my vet. At the moment im battling his new found use of whining and since he doesnt want to walk he is damn full of energy being a husky hahah.
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