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Info on Fructosamine testing

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  • Info on Fructosamine testing

    Will write more later but wanted to say that there should be an official rating provided with the results of the fructose mine test done that lists the ranges for hypoglycemic, excellent, good, fair, and poor. It varies by lab. Ask him to print out the actual test results for you.


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    Re: Update on Roscoe

    Chris had a couple of fructosamine tests in 2003 when he was honeymooning and confusing everyone with his constantly low blood sugar.

    On that IDEXX test in 2003, the reference ranges were:

    260-378 = normal
    400-500 = Good control for a diabetic dog
    500-600 = Fair control for a diabetic dog
    Greater than 650 = Poor control for a diabetic dog.
    (for some reason they left out 600-650)

    Then in 2005, he had a fructosamine test and the scale was somewhat different.

    260-378 = normal
    Less than 300 = prolonged hpyoglycemia
    350-400 = Excellent diabetes control
    400-450 = Good diabetes control
    450-500 = Fair diabetes control
    Greater than 500 = Poor diabetes control

    Both were IDEXX tests so it looks like they revised the levels.

    I seem to recall there was one with a much different scale but haven't found that one yet.


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      Re: Update on Roscoe

      Here's a link describing the other scale.

      Fructosamine Test Levels and Glucose Control
      Test Value Indication
      Under 265 Normal fructosamine level
      265-280 Excellent blood glucose (sugar) control
      280-300 Good blood glucose (sugar) control
      320-340 Fair blood glucose (sugar) control
      Over 350 Poor blood glucose (sugar) control

      Not sure who had this test but I've always remembered it because it's the scale I was familiar with when our dog's fructosamine was in the 400s so I thought it was a lot worse than it was.