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Definition of insulin resistance by Dr. Peterson

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  • Definition of insulin resistance by Dr. Peterson

    This blog entry is on diagnosing Cushing's in a diabetic dog. It includes Dr. Peterson's definition of insulin resistance, which is the same one I have followed.

    We define insulin resistance as doses greater than 2.2 U/kg/injection to control hyperglycemia (4), so we aren't even close to the doses required to diagnose resistance.

    And yes, diabetic dogs can get marked hepatomegaly secondary to fat accumulation in the liver. That can lead to a mild-moderate "pot bellied" appearance.

    Because it can be very difficult to make a diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome in dogs with diabetes, observation and monitoring is the best course in many of these patients. If Cushing's disease is present, it will be progressive and other signs will develop to make the diagnosis easier to confirm.