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Auto Inject Devices

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  • Auto Inject Devices

    I think you may be referring to auto-inject devices?

    They have needles but are a "clicker" that does the needle insertion for you.

    InjectEase is one... I think we might have a thread in the Answers Archive on this...

    The thread above refers to a jet injector... though I have to say, having had this kind of injection myself versus needle injections, I didn't find them more comfortable. Less so in fact. I think that may be why they are not very popular.

    Information on InjectEase

    Here is one of our own forum dogs being injected with InjectEase.

    Which I'm happy to say that Jane and Franklin's video was in the top ten in search for InjectEase!

    Also, here's a link from the UK describing a number of auto-inject devices available there. Probably many are available in Asia and the U.S. as well.

    It seems there aren't many auto-inject devices.