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  • Hello All!

    Thanks, Nat for making space!!!!

    I am just getting back from my more tired than ever, LOL!

    I am off to bed and will be back bc I am just getting in...but I do have a favor!

    Bailey is doing well so far...but I am off tomorrow morning first thing to hopefully deal with a matter regarding my human boy. I am feeling totally overwhelmed with just getting home and having to go do this and with all that has been happening could use all the prayers and thoughts and support I can tomorrow morning...

    sooo....if you have a moment to spare, could you please help me ask for a little help from up above that this gets resolved in the best possible way and I can move on past this additional stressor...

    you have all helped me get through some really bad spots and this is a really bad spot....I know with your help, everything will be all right...

    Love ya! And will be back to catch up soon as soon as I can see straight!!
    Beth, Bailey and always Scoobie

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    Re: Hello All!

    Beth, Bailey and Scoobie,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    I hope whatever this extra stresser may be disappears quickly and as you say "in the best possible way".


    John II


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      Re: Hello All!

      Everything here... three pairs of whiskers, five pairs of ears, three tails, twenty toes, twenty fingers, three sets of paws, five sets of eyes, and most of our brain cells are crossed for a good outcome for the two of you!!! >^..^< >^..^< ^..^



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        Re: Hello All!

        Beth, so glad to see you. Prayers and good vibes for you and your son, my can count on em!

        Thinking positive thoughts this very second....

        Munchie, 11 yr. old Mini-Schnauzer, 23.2 lbs., diabetes 10/24/12. 8 units Novolin N 2xdaily.


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          Re: Hello All!

          I am so glad you are here. You can count on tons of prayers and well wishing thoughts are with you as you complete this next task in life.
          Enough is enough and you definitely deserve a break.
          May the outcome be what you want.
          Tons of Love & Prayers
          ~ Mary Ann


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            Re: Hello All!


            Count me in too girl. I sure am glad you posted.

            Love you


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              Re: Hello All!

              Hey Beth,
              Sending those positive vibes across the waves.


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                Re: Hello All!


                I am with you too! Hope all goes well.



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                  Re: Hello All!

                  Beth, I'm so grateful to see you here, and I'm mustering every positive vibe that is in me and shooting all that energy directly to you!!!!!!!!!



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                    Re: Hello All!

                    Hi Beth,
                    I'm going to pray that everything works out very smoothly for your human boy and that everyone who is looking after him will do just exactly what is needed for him to have a positive, constructive life!!!
                    I still need to send a personal email....
                    Jo-Ann & Lady


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                      Re: Hello All!

                      Heh crazy girl - more prayers coming from me and mine. Hang tough and know we care. Kim and girls


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                        Re: Hello All!

                        Geez, I miss you all!!! I do hope to get back on here a little just keeps rolling!!!

                        Thank you thank you thank you!!! I was soooo anxious this morning and I kept telling myself I have a whole bunch of people with me...I got through it. Not to get into all the gory details (that's a change, huh? ) but my son is having problems with his father who is forcing us back to court to resolve it. This all started when my mom died, when he came and upset my father in the nastiest way....and has been continuing since then...I barely have had any time to grieve dealing with all of this.

                        Things did not get resolved but I think we are getting closer. I just really hate dealing with the man who was so mentally abusive and a complete liar the whole time I was with him....I almost lost myself and my sanity. Although I am much stronger now, I still reel when I have to deal with him at all. And now he is doing to my son what he did to me...and I have to have the courage to see this or lose.

                        Allo is such a bright spot, in other news. Although he is clamoring to get outside, which I don't want bc of things like cars, he is such a complete joy...

                        Bailey is being our Bailey...although I am noticing more stiffness of late and the eye cyst keeps bleeding on and off. He is doing that jerking thing more pronounced lately too. The vet said it's the falling asleep jerk, but it isn't. I know my boy and I know the difference. He sleeps much more now but seems content otherwise. I am doing the Lyso depending on how he seems that week. All I can ask for is contentment and joy for him. Now with the warmer weather, as slowly as it is coming, I hope to get his legs moving a bit more.

                        I enjoyed my time away...although I fess up I missed my furry boys in the worst way. I also got a rash all over my legs, LOL....why not??? But it's manageable.

                        I am planning on coming back tonight to catch up with everyone else...I just had to come and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!! My friends and family have rallied around me....and you are all a part of that...

                        I hope everyone is doing VERY WELL and I will be back later to read up. Right now, I need a nap in the worst way! Last day of vacation technically and we got in late last night.

                        Thanks so much love and best to you all and our pups and I'll see you hopefully tonight!!!!
                        Beth and the crew


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                          Re: Hello All!

                          Glad you're back but I'm sure you could have used a lot more R & R.
                          Originally posted by forscooter View Post
                          I know with your help, everything will be all right...

                          Love ya! And will be back to catch up soon as soon as I can see straight!!
                          Beth, Bailey and always Scoobie
                          This, too, shall pass. I know it's rough....the whole court thing. My son seems to be waiting - continually - for one or another court date with his ex. Just keep reminding yourself that it will be ok. Is your son getting anywhere close to legal adulthood? Sorry, I forget his age other than teen-age!

                          Sending a truckload of positive thoughts and prayers for both you and your human boy (and Bailey and Allo too, of course!) Sue


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                            Re: Hello All!

                            Hi sweetie,

                            So glad to see you here and glad you enjoyed your vacation....but Sue could have used a lot longer with all you have been through this last year.

                            That so called "man" and "father" isn't anywhere close to me is he? I could do with kicking some butt right about now and he sure sounds like a good candidate! Mean to you? your son? your poor dad? grrrrrrrrrrrrr I firmly believe, tho, that a special hell is set up just for those type folks where one much meaner than they will give as to them as they gave to others.

                            How is the foot doing? I accidentally touched Ruby the other nite with my foot and she had it in her mouth in 2 sec flat but didnt' apply any pressure once she knew. I couldn't help but think of you.

                            Hope you get some rest today and know we are all with you....well not napping per se, but you know....

                            Hugs and prayers,
                            Leslie and the girls
                            "May you know that absence is full of tender presence
                            and that nothing is ever lost or forgotten." Anne, a Corgi mom


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                              Re: Hello All!

                              Hope you got that nap. I'll keep you in my prayers.
                              Virginia and Maggie