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Angel update - treatment with trilo

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    Re: Angel update - treatment with trilo

    I'm hoping you're busy at the vet's, that's why we haven't heard later this afternoon. Please let us know how all is when you have a chance!



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      Re: Angel update - treatment with trilo

      Me too! I barely have a nerve left and I am anxious to hear! I'll take care of the wine while you tend to Angel!

      Sending all our very best!!! Lots of hugs and kissies!!
      Beth and the crew


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        Re: Angel update - treatment with trilo

        Hi Joyce,

        I've joined the crowd of those who are watching and anxiously awaiting to hear how Angel is doing.

        Fingers and paws are crossed for Angel and prayers are being said.

        Munchie, 11 yr. old Mini-Schnauzer, 23.2 lbs., diabetes 10/24/12. 8 units Novolin N 2xdaily.


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          Re: Angel update - treatment with trilo

          Hello! I had a meeting last night that ran longer than expected - sorry to make you all wait and worry!

          So...Angel is doing good! I have her off trilo (again) and on 2.5 mg of enalapril in the AM for HBP/hypertension. Dr. Berger called late yesterday afternoon from his sick bed (stomach flu) as he wanted to check on Angel. He is suggesting a conservative approach, which I actually agree with. He trusts me to watch her symptoms , and wants me to start on the lowest dose possible of trilo later this week and let him know daily how Angel is doing. I have the liquid trilo and will give her .1 of the 1 ml which would only be 3 mg! He thinks that she is an odd case in that the trilo has really helped her and reduced the symptoms (drink/pee/belly) when they returned last month but even 15mg now is too much. Because she is a cushpup, he does not want to play games with a few days on then a few days off but would rather try to find a steady maintenance dose. The only thing we disagree on is he doesn't think the ACTH is as effective a test if she is not on trilo for a consistent period. Gee, a vet trying to save me money - I should shut up and say thank you! And be thankful that he trusts me to know my beagie best!
          I hope that the enalapril wil regulate the other issue(s) then she can tolerate the trilostane. It seems that the trilo exasperates the other symptom which is something I need to continue to research. As we know, the HBP is just one of many secondary diseases (?) that result from cushings.

          Marianne - you cautioned me back on Dec about just stopping the enalapril if it was being used for HBP and I should have been more careful. I wanted to be in that blissful state of denial!! Anyway, I feel like we may be back on track.

          More later! MJ, Louise, Kim, Leslie, Terry, Scott and ALL who are following us - thanks for the prayers, thoughts & love!

          Beth - Is it too early for wine?? Love ya! Joyce & the girlz


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            Re: Angel update - treatment with trilo

            Joyce....It is NEVER to early for wine!!!

            So glad you have a plan...although using Lysodren, I am doing my own thing with Bailey too. It isn't necessarily "right", but when someone shows me the rule book and a dog who follows them, I'll reconsider my position! I know you know Angel best, and if you see a difference with the trilo, then I say you tweak and tweak until it works as it needs to for her. Have you tried Lysodren ever for her? I can't remember. Only reason I ask is bc if she has other hormones out of whack that could be contributing to the issue, then the Lysodren would address those as well, it effects everything but estradiol. It may be something to try if you haven't...but you'd have to do the washout period first. If you have, and she can't tolerate Lyso, then I say tweak tweak tweak....and you can too be "tweakers" like Sharon and I!

            So glad she is doing better!!!! Still sending many positive wishes and kisses to you both.....with some wine!!! Beth, Bailey and always Scoobie


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              Re: Angel update - treatment with trilo

              Thanks all! Angel is on the 2.5 mg of enalapril at night and I will start trilostane tomorrow morning at the unbelievably low does of 3 mg. I have never tried lysodren with Angel; she came to me a trilo dog.

              I need to post in Sharon's thread as well that I did not mean to be so flip about the tweaking of the dosing and treating by visual symptoms. I too have been treating Angel for over 2.5 years and have a good relationship with my vet and have tried to read up on everything and see how it all affects my dog. I do not recommend or suggest that anyone do what I am doing! So please forgive me if I sounded too flippant or loosy-goosy about it all! OK...?

              I'm on vacation this week with my almost-11-yr-old son. We are relaxing, doing some cleaning and having a Wii and Godzilla DVD fest. It is so much fun! And the bonus is getting to keep a close eye on Angel.

              Take care - Joyce & the girrlz - Pebbles & Angel (&we3dogs@Bridge: ED, Zee! & Concho)


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                Re: Angel update - treatment with trilo

                Enjoy your vacation! Hoping all is well with Angel!