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Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

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    Re: Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

    Hi Karen,

    I'd have to say your vet just did you a big favor. It's good that you found out about her now rather than later. She is obviously very insecure. You have no use for people like her in your life. Good luck finding a really, really good vet for Buddy. They're out there.



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      Re: Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

      All I can say is I am stunned. Sorry your ex-vet refused to take advantage of a free research assistant. What ever you decide to do, don't hesitate to get all your vet records and test results. You paid for them and have a right to them.

      Don't be afraid to interview vets and even if you can't find one with experience, ask them if they are willing to work with you as a team to help your Buddy. He deserves the best you can find for him. Be strong for Buddy.

      We will be keeping good thoughts and prayers for you and Buddy.
      John (Roxee's Dad)


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        Re: Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

        Chris' cardiologist, knowing I was big on researching things myself, asked me to do some research to see if there was a documented starting dose for Plavix in the literature! (There wasn't for dogs) I love her for that, among other things.

        What really struck me looking back is that Buddy was diagnosed just a week ago... how could she be so ticked off in a week!




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          Re: Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

          I think the ticked-offness comes from issues with regards Dolly the pup with mega-esophagus and now suffering from aspiration pneumonia. Good thing Karen found out about this vets views now rather than half way into Cushing's treatment! Not that being left in the lurch (and so unpleasantly!) now with Dolly being ill is ok, but still....



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            Re: Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

            Ah yes, at least there's been more time involved! Still no excuse but makes more "sense".

            I don't know anything about mega-esophagus but I do know that you need a vet you can work with for Cushings and all are right that it's better not to even start down this road with this one.


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              Re: Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

              God bless each one of you!!! You don't know how MUCH your replies have meant to me! First you all came to my support when I found out about Buddy having Cushing's, which was very upsetting in itself. Then to have my vet send me that letter today. (And for her to dump me right when Dolly is fighting for her life, too!) I just don't know how I would've gotten through today without you all!

              Fortunately I had an appointment with my therapist today - yes, you can call me "crazy" if you want - but I'll openly admit I deal with Depression and have all my life. I asked my doctor, "If you diagnosed someone with Depression and she joined an online support group or researched the condition online, would you be offended?" She responded as many of you did. Absolutely not, that she'd see that as a pro-active and healthy thing to do.

              I was worried after I fired off my post to this group. Since I've only been on here one week, and I thought you might figure I was demanding, rude or otherwise did something to provoke this vet's response. But believe me, my therapist, (who has known me a long time) says I'm one of the meekest, most UN-demanding, overly-polite people she knows. In fact, she has been working with me to be more assertive. She, (and you) have helped me not take this vet's letter too personally and to realize it's HER problem, not mine. She gave me some good advice, though. She said for me to pick up the dogs' records myself, rather than have HER send them to the new vet, because if she's upset with me, she might "influence" the new vet's opinion of me.

              You're all very right, I'm lucky to find out about this vet's attitude NOW before she did further damage to my beloved dogs. I just wish she would've TOLD me she had a problem with this way back when I told her I had found a support group for Dolly's illness. I can handle someone being upset with me, but to take it out on my babies!!! (In fact, this is her THIRD strike with me). I was already considering changing vets because she has done so little to help Dolly.

              And Strike One was when I took my (now deceased) dog, Minnie to her for what I thought was a Urinary Tract Infection. Minnie was straining to pee, yet they made her wait 2 weeks before I could bring her in for a urinalysis. We were leaving on vacation, so I left Minnie to be tested and treated. They called me and said they needed to do a "sterile urine test", (withdrawing urine directly from her bladder with a syringe). I said, "Yes, please go ahead and do that." When I got back from vacation a week later and picked Minnie up, the receptionist told me they wanted me to bring her back in another 1 1/2 weeks for the sterile needle urinalysis. I said, "I thought you were going to do that while she was being boarded here." The receptionist said, "But we had to wait to get your permission." (Which I had given over the phone and also signed a paper before I left guaranteeing payment for whatever Minnie needed). I think they just forgot to do it. I said, "Don't I need to take some meds home to be giving her?" She said they hadn't been doing ANYTHING to treat her yet. Then when they finally did the needle test, they decided she needed exploratory surgery and made her wait another 2 + weeks. Her surgery day came and I took her in, but when I went to pick her up they had not done her surgery because they had a cat who was sick and needed their only oxygen tube, so they would have to put Minnie's surgery off for another two weeks! By the time they finally had time to "help" her, she had a cancerous tumor that was too far along to be removed.

              Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you ALL for listening and being here and understanding and being so supportive! I just can't tell you enough how much you helped me out today!

              Bless you and your doggie babies!


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                Re: Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

                Originally posted by Kakesie View Post
                yes, you can call me "crazy" if you want - but I'll openly admit I deal with Depression and have all my life. I asked my doctor, "If you diagnosed someone with Depression and she joined an online support group or researched the condition online, would you be offended?" She responded as many of you did. Absolutely not, that she'd see that as a pro-active and healthy thing to do.
                I don't think you're crazy, Karen. I think that you are a very bright and a very loving person.

                How is Dolly doing? Have you found another Vet yet?


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                  Re: Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

                  Thanks, hon!

                  I'm not crazy, I just love our doggie babies like crazy! LOL

                  I called one vet today and left a message on their answering machine but it may have been too late in the day by then. I'll try calling around tomorrow. I've been online all evening searching to see if I can find reviews on vets in our area, but hardly anyone has written any reviews.

                  I would encourage everyone to please go online and put in a good review for all the excellent vets out there. I know there are many who truly care and are wonderful with animals. (Also, please warn others of any bad experiences you've had, too). I'm going to. The poor animals can't speak in their defense, so we must speak up for them! And it will be so helpful for people who move to your town to know how to find a good veterinarian.

                  Thanks again to everyone for being there for me today. It was a very upsetting day, but thanks to all of you, I feel much better now.



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                    Re: Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

                    Hi Karen,

                    Like everyone else I am shocked by the treatment you have received. You are well rid of that patronising and sarcastic vet. We are all trying to do the best for our dogs and even though I am not as knowledgeable as alot on here I have still been able to tell my vet some things they didn't know. I don't expect them to be an expert on every disease and realise that they sometimes have to research things just as we are doing.

                    Don't take it personally, it is her that has the problem, not you. I would pick the test results up yourself so she doesn't have the opportunity to influence your next vet.

                    Good Luck in finding a more compassionate and experienced vet.

                    Linda and Spicey


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                      Re: Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

                      Hi Karen,
                      So sorry to hear how your vet treated you. I know exactly how you feel. I was with my vet for 20 years when he dx Harley with cushings and when I asked him to run an U/S, he sent me and Harley on our way. He did, at least, give us a recommendation to the Univ. of Penn.
                      As far as finding a new vet, I pulled out the phone book and started making phone calls and actually interviewing vets. I did find one that I really like, actually I found two. So they are out there and they are willing to work with you and this forum, actually my new vet is happy that I have this forum.
                      I know it's hard Karen, but keep your chin up and I'll be praying for you.

                      Take care,
                      Harley and Lori


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                        Re: Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

                        Hi Karen,

                        Glad to hear from you this morning and to know that you are dealing with this rudeness quite well!

                        As for crazy, well, if battling depression makes one crazy, count me in! That is something I have dealt with all my life, so I know where you are coming from. I actually have many other qualifications for "crazy", too! Sanity is so boring! And when you're old and crazy, you can get away with lots of stuff!

                        The best of luck in finding a good vet, your babies sure deserve better than they have gotten and so do you! We're here if you need us!

                        Leslie and the girls
                        "May you know that absence is full of tender presence
                        and that nothing is ever lost or forgotten." Anne, a Corgi mom


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                          Re: Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

                          Hi Karen,

                          I don’t know if you’re still on the look-out for a new vet, but I was thinking the following:

                          1) As Linda has suggested, “I would pick the test results up yourself so she doesn't have the opportunity to influence your next vet.” – actually, pick-up your pups’ whole files (or copies of them).
                          2) When you interview the new vets, tell them up front that you do research on-line about whatever ails your pups and find out from the get go how they feel about it. Explain to them why you do this - it's not because you are scrutinizing them, but because:
                          - you do not expect them to be an expert at everything
                          - you do not expect them to be abreast of everything new test, techinique, protocol, etc. for everything
                          - this is a way for you (as the parent) to be more informed and helps you to understand and make informed decisions
                          - think of me (you, Karen) as someone who will do research for you for free (someone else had posted something to this affect, but I don’t remember who)

                          Good luck in the search!

                          BTW – I think everyone has some amount of depression – Just like I think everyone has smoe amoutn of dyselxia – some people realize it, some don’t; some admit to it, some won’t. I wondered when Head & Shoulders came out with the “Dry Scalp” shampoo…was that for people who couldn’t admit that they have dandruff? So they could say, “Oh no, I don’t have dandruff, I just have dry scalp”. And I know for a fact, that everyone here is crazy when it comes to our pups!



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                            Re: Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

                            Hi Karen,

                            I just wanted to say hi and echo what many others have said- You and your pups deserve so much better than the shabby and unprofessional treatment you received from that vet!

                            What I really don't get is how a vet could possibly discourage someone from any effort to be well-informed when it comes to caring for a Cushings dog. Of all the ailments out there, this is one which requires the owner to be the most attentive & educated about the disease, its diagnosis and treatment. Just about everything our vets know about our dog's symptoms, response to medication, etc comes from what we report to them. I relied so much on the great folks on this forum to help me get through my dog Joe's Lysodren loading last month and they were a tremendous resource.

                            You certainly are due for some good luck and I hope it comes your way in the form of a great, knowledgeable and compassionate vet to care for your furries.

                            Reading this thread makes me want to send my vet a big box of chocolates- he's the best! And would never dream of discouraging me from learning more about this disease. Yay for good vets! And poo on the other ones

                            Hang in there, we're all pullin' for ya!

                            Hugs from Karen & Joe


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                              Re: Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

                              Good luck in finding a new vet for your pups. The old one isn't worthy of them .

                              Virginia and Maggie


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                                Re: Newly diagnosed, our beloved Buddy

                                I just can't thank all of you enough! Every time I come to this site more people have written in support of me! WOW! I really needed it, too. I took a nose-dive after recieving the Vet's letter. I got pretty depressed and stayed home Thursday & Friday and just spent time with my doggies, caring for them, loving them, and sleeping with them. But Monday I'm gearing up to go out Veterinarian shopping. I appreciate all the wonderful comments on how to look for a new vet.

                                I do believe in being up front about my struggles with Depression because it's an illness just like any other human illness and I want to do whatever I can to dispell the stigma attached to it. A lot of it is bio-chemically caused and it isn't just a "personal weakness" or something you can tell yourself to get over. So thanks for accepting that aspect of me, as well.

                                Back to my doggies. I called and asked the receptionist how soon I could pick up the dogs' complete charts and she said she didn't know, they'd have to make copies, probably not before Friday. Friday came and went and no word from them, so Monday I am going to call them again. I'm not a very assertive person, but when it comes to the well-being of my doggies or my child, I can get tough if I need to.

                                Finding another vet: I'm worried because we live in a small town and the vets work together, taking turns being on emergency call, and such. I'm afraid that this vet may have bad-mouthed me to the other vets in town.

                                Someone on here said something about "if you have to mend fences with this vet". My first impulse was to write her back as sarcastic and angry a letter as she had written me. But that won't help my doggies and it won't solve anything. I will NOT EVER go back to that vet (except to pick up the dogs' records). But I am thinking my best move would be to bite my tongue, take the high road and write her a nice letter, thanking her for what she has done for my dogs, and apologizing for offending her. Then I'll put her letter to me and my response to her in with my dogs' records for the new vets to see. Hopefully they will be able to see that she was being unreasonable and that I met her rude response with only kindness back.

                                Her husband was on call last Wednesday when I got the letter and had called about Dolly's high temperature and her being out of anti-biotics. To his credit, he did call in a prescription for Keflex for her to a human pharmacy so I could get her back on antibiotics. So she is a little better now. I was truly afraid she was going to die on Wednesday!

                                Buddy is still in the early stages of Cushing's, newly diagnosed, so I think I have a few days leeway to find a new vet.

                                I just wanted to update you on how our dogs are doing and let you know how much you helped me. I am doing better now, thanks to all of your kind words and support!

                                Bless you and your doggies!!!
                                Karen, Saralisa, Buddy and Dolly

                                P.S. I will add photos of Dolly on my album, too.