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Paw-Pads - Self Adhesive Traction Pads

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  • Paw-Pads - Self Adhesive Traction Pads

    I found this product browsing new items on one of my favorite web sites, and I think it would be very helpful for our furry babies that suffer from weaknesses on their hinds.

    They have L-M & S sizes.

    Another curious product, a little bit expensive, but a nice option for senior, cushings and pets with polyuria : an Indoor pad that would greatly serve our ill or senior pets and a big relief for us the parents:

    They have a small and a large size: (watch the video)

    Marcela & The Choco Labs

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    Re: Paw-Pads - Self Adhesive Traction Pads

    Hey thats a good idea - the paw pads. I have a dachshund so she is only about 3 inches off the ground but her back legs still slide out from under her sometimes. I am hoping if she gets better her muscles will come back too.

    I recently trained her to go poty on a wee wee pad. Wow that made my life easier. For the past 3 to 4 years I have been getting up at least once in the middle of the night to let her outside. Now I block her in the bedroom with her bowl of water and her wee wee pad and I get to sleep all night!!

    Thanks for the links.



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      Re: Paw-Pads - Self Adhesive Traction Pads

      Hi Marcela,
      I like the idea of the paw pads.

      Just purchased a set of gripper socks for our Roxee so she would be able to walk better. Tried them on her and they seem to turn around as she is walking, ends up that the grippers are on top of her paw and she's trying to skate on the slippery side. Threw them out

      I just might try these paw pads.

      John (Roxee's Dad)


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        Re: Paw-Pads - Self Adhesive Traction Pads

        Saw the pet paw stickers. they look like they may work. I used the socks before as well and they did turn over and made them more slick. I ordered 2 sets. of the pads, even if they only work for a while it would be worth it. Will let you know how they work.
        thanks for the link.


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          Re: Paw-Pads - Self Adhesive Traction Pads

          I have great hopes for the paw pads, Truffa don't mind the boots, but as you all said they turn around and they become a hazard instead of a help. They work very well on the snow though.

          I just would like to stop worrying every time she is walking over my woodfloors, and tornado Nina passes near her, I've seen her fall twice and I panicked....

          Tammy, your idea is brilliant!!!, it's been a while since I had to permanently woke up twice to take Truffa outside, but if it'll happens again (knock on wood) that would be my first demand to my hubby.

          Sharon, me and probably John would be the designated testers on this paw pads.

          Marcela & The Choco Labs


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            Re: Paw-Pads - Self Adhesive Traction Pads

            Well, got the Paw Pads, I think they will work, dont know how long they will stay on and on my big dogs big paws I have to be careful where I place them. I got the largest ones but Nikes pads are still bigger so I have to be sure I put them where she puts pressure on her pads, not in the middle of her pad. I have them on her now, she does seem to grip better, they do stick on pretty good. will see when she goes outside, so am holding my opinion till then.
            Sharon, Nike and Kenai