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Emma (11 y/o Lab) Adrenal Tumor

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  • Emma (11 y/o Lab) Adrenal Tumor

    Hi All!!

    I finally found you! Actually Michelle (forevermomof4) sent me an e-mail that you had sent her to find you!

    The quick recap for those who don't know Emma:

    I lost my 8 y/o black lab (Emma's son) to cancer in January 2009 and a week later, Emma, my 11 y/o yellow lab started having accidents in the house. About 2 weeks after that, all the testing and many $$$, she was diagnosed with Cushings. And, Emma, never fitting in with the norm, had an extremely large right Adrenal tumor, rather than a pituitary. After a month of wrestling with surgery or drug therapy, I decided to go drug therapy rather than put her through the surgery and possibly lose her. Couldn't lose 2 dogs in 2 months! We started the Lysodren loading in mid-March and after a week with a too low dose, we upped it to the normal dose for 3 days and I though she was loaded. Turned out her Potassium level dropped to a dangerously low level, she wound up in the emergency hospital for 2 days, discovered she also had larangeal paralysis, they stuck her in an oxygen kennel (I will never allow that again!), took her home, then her potassium levels were too high and after that she ended up at the vet every other day for a month to rebalance her potassium. She now has both Cushings and is Addisonian.

    Whew!! What a month!

    Present day:
    Emma is doing very well!! She's not on any Lysodren (at least not for now), but she does get 1/2 a pred every day and her blood pressure meds. We went to the vet about a week and a half ago, rechecked her panels and everything is back to normal except her sodium is a little low. So now she gets those horrible "Beggin Strips" b/c they're loaded with the stuff! Oh well, she's 11, I guess she can have what she wants! The vet believes that her water intake will increase again at some point, and we'll go back when it does. But for right now, I'm enjoying the full night's sleep I'm getting!

    Hugs to everyone and I'm glad I found you!!
    ~Allison, Emma and forever Tucker

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    Re: Emma (11 y/o Lab) Adrenal Tumor

    Hi Allison,

    I'm sorry you had to go through all this without us...but glad you found us again!!! I'm happy Emma is doing well - hopefully, she isn't fully Addisonian - do you know?...I don't know how they can determine this except for maybe over time with stim tests.

    Regarding the Beggin Strips, maybe you can use one of the following recipes instead - I believe it was Alison (the other one) who had posted them here before. But, I would ask your vet first:

    Thank you for the update...this keeps our hopes up on finding more former members!!



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      Re: Emma (11 y/o Lab) Adrenal Tumor


      I am so glad to see you here! and extremely glad to hear that Emma is doing well!

      I have been in and out all day and am headed out again but when I saw your post I just had to say HI! You were one I have been worried about but had absolutely no idea how to even begin looking for you. So it makes my day to see you and Emma here, and with good news to boot!

      Leslie and the girls
      "May you know that absence is full of tender presence
      and that nothing is ever lost or forgotten." Anne, a Corgi mom


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        Re: Emma (11 y/o Lab) Adrenal Tumor

        Thank you!! I'm so glad to be back!

        As for the Addison's, my vet can't be completely sure that she is, but she's pretty sure that the Lyso did throw her into Addison's - at least for a few days and it will take a while for her system to completely turn around. I'm not going to do a stim just to find out, especially since Emma is feeling so good. I really do have my dog back! It's really amazing that a month ago I really thought I was going to lose her. She was barely living, in and out of the vet's, the emergency center and almost to the point of giving up, but we pushed through and here she is - Little Miss Waggy Butt! I don't know how long it will last, but I'm going to enjoy every minute we have!!

        She did, however, decide that she no longer likes dog food and for a couple weeks would eat nothing but people food. So, I ended up finding a wet food to mix with her dry food that she loves and now she's eating again. She got down to 74lbs (from 82!). She's now back to 78. It's pretty gross - I hate wet food, ick! But she loves it and now looks forward to breakfast and dinner!

        Take care all! Big hugs!!
        ~Allison, Emma and forever Tucker