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    To all our canine cushings members.

    Firstly we wanted to say how happy we are that a good number of you have found us and a great big thank you and hugs to those who passed the word on so quickly to others. It is the continued support and dedication of members like you that makes any site worthwhile.

    There have been a lot of changes these past weeks and we (the prior staff) wanted to let everyone know what happened to the site as far as we know, and what is being done by everyone.

    When the site first went down, we thought oh no, hackers like before, and even looked into site host system failure, etc. But unbeknownst to us, the owner apparently decided to close the forum and we do not know why. And also apparently decided, more recently, to put the Important Information and Resources forum back online, although we really don't know for how long it will be there.

    Needless to say, we were all taken by surprise, and we were all heart sickened by it and still are. But we have built a new site of which should be on line very shortly – had to build it from scratch.

    Last but certainly not least, the graciousness of Natalie and her staff has been tremendous and we want to thank them so much for taking us in, for giving us space for a temporary home for our Canine Cushing’s families and for helping us to set up our new home.
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    Re: Special Announcement

    Thank you Natalie. And everyone that helped to gather us here. Miko passed away on April 20, I would not have been able to bear the grief without my cc family. This is such a great support and a God send. I was distraught when I couldn't find ya'll.