Hopefully you all have read Scott's announcement that the new K9 Cushings forum is open!!

In just a few minutes, I will close this forum to new posts.

Please head on over to the new Cushings forum as soon as you can and register there and go ahead and start a thread for you and your dog.

User names from this forum have been imported into the forum at so when you get there, try logging in with the user name and password you have here.

If your login fails, register at the new forum. And if that fails, please contact a K9cushings admin or me via PM here or use the Contact Us interface at the Cushings forum for assistance.

Then, in the next few days, the new forum's administrators and mods will import your threads here at the temporary forum and start merging the imported information from here with your new thread there (Gee, I hope that makes sense!).

As Scott mentioned in his announcement you will get a Personal Message when your two threads have been joined.

In the interim, if you want to put a link to your story here on the new thread, feel free. This forum will remain visible indefinitely so you can come back here and refer to this information as long as needed until the transition is complete.

It's been a joy to have you all here and I am going to miss you folks!!