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  • The Tiny Terror

    Barb asked about our latest addition, Sir Snicklefritz, so I thought I'd go ahead and post about him.

    Our daughter's birthday was in November and all she really wanted was a kitten. It took some convincing on my part, but I did talk my husband into it, so just before Thanksgiving, we went to the Humane Shelter and picked out Snicklefritz.

    From the beginning, he has shown absolutely no fear of any of the other pets in our house! In fact, he has terrorized the other two cats! They've been left wondering what in the world is happening!! So, he has earned the name Tiny Terror! He plays with our dogs, although he does seem to like Bogey over Vinny. The dogs are basically the same size, but Bogey is a bit more gentle...although you can't really tell if from this pic!

    Bogey really does have the soft mouth of a lab! No kitten's were hurt in taking this picture!

    Sir does seem to be a perfect fit for our house and my daughter finally has a pet she calls her own. He cuddles with her and sleeps with her, then goes to find something to get into!
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    Re: The Tiny Terror

    Aw, he's just adorable!
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      Re: The Tiny Terror

      Awww. Cats (and dogs of course) have such unique personalities. He sounds like he found his 'perfect' home,.... Many many animals to terrorize.

      I love it!
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