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Ear drops = Hearing loss. Advice/Help!

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  • Ear drops = Hearing loss. Advice/Help!

    I have an 11 year old labrador retriever, in perfect health, has never been majorly sick, and looks and acts as if she's only about 5/6.

    She had a small ear infection 3 weeks ago, vet prescribed Otomax drops for 2 weeks. I was not made aware of the side effects so wasn't looking out for signs of hearing loss.

    She could definitely hear perfectly while on them for the first week or so, but towards the end of the 2 weeks, at times I would walk into a room and she wouldn't wake up until i touched her or got very close. I attributed this to her being tired or the ear infection and never made the association with the drops.
    She went back to the vet for a checkup at the end of the 2 weeks,and the vet suggested she continue the drops for just one more week to be sure the infection was gone as the ear canal was still a bit red.

    During this week however i noticed she wasn't coming when i called her and then realised it must be the drops. i stopped immediately and took her to the vet, where i was told that this only happens if they have a burst ear drum and that my dog didn't have any tears ect.

    So now I am left with a dog that can't hear much of anything. I think she can hear deep shouting and high pitched screams or whistles but its a hit and a miss.
    The vet has admitted that it is the drops and has offered to do a deep ear flush where y dog would have to be sedated ect. I don't know if this a good idea or not.
    I bought a normal non-ototoxic dog ear cleaner when i first realised what was happening in the hopes of flushing out any remainder of the drops but it hasn't helped that i can see.
    It early days yet, she last had the drops just under a week ago...

    For some dogs this has happened to Ive read it can take months to return, for others unfortunately it never does
    Has anyone experienced this? Is there anything I can do, even if its a long shot, that might somewhat aid the hearing? Has anyone ever had their dog sedated for a deep ear flush before? Im afraid that might cause more troubles!

    Thank you <3

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    Re: Ear drops = Hearing loss. Advice/Help!

    Sorry to hear of the troubles with your dog. Such a shame and I would get a second opinion from another vet.

    Several yrs ago, had a pug that I used ear wash on, and she ended up pretty much deaf. I think they changed the formulas after that, as it was not uncommon. The vet put her on prednisone, and hearing returned while she was on it. However when she was gradually weaned off the pred, she became diabetic......probably trended that way before the pred, but not a good result.

    One current pug I have, has had his ears irrigated and flushed twice under anesthesia in the last 5 yrs. No problems with the surgery as it is pretty quick and not a very high level of anesthesia. He gets wax built up deep down in the ear canal, no matter how often I clean them, but his hearing has not been affected at all. NOt sure how it would help your dog though?

    Hope you find a solution.