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Advocate Strips October Promo

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  • Advocate Strips October Promo

    Advocate is doing their promo again for pet test strips with a buy 2 get one free plus 25% off and free shipping with the code AUTUMNHARVEST.

    ADVOCATE PetTest Strip Box - 50 count

    Choose your FREE gift! (one per order): Buy two, get one FREE! (Send me a FREE box of test strips if I purchase two PLUS 25 FREE PetTest Pee Pads!)
    2 $53.62
    Items $107.24
    Shipping $0.00
    Coupon (AUTUMNHARVEST) -$26.81
    Total $80.43
    So it winds up at $26.81 per box. I use the ReliOn Prime but I like to have these on hand.
    Daisy 12 1/2 y/o 20lb Mini Schnauzer - 115g chicken breast, 45g chana dal, 55g green beans all chopped in a food processor, 20g Hills Perfect Weight, 1 tbs pumpkin, 8 units Novolin N q12h. Other meds-1/4t d-mannose twice daily, 1 Proviable DC daily, 1 multivitamin, 1/4t ground eggshells each meal, 1200mcg methyl B12 daily, 5mg zyrtec daily

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    Re: Advocate Strips October Promo

    I've gotten this deal since August. Each month they change their codeword, but thank goodness still offered the buy 2 get 1 deal. I have 6 month supply on hand now. Much cheaper than Amazon costs.
    Gus - **Angel as of March 7, 2018"
    10.5 yr mini-schnauzer, diagnosed Sept. 2015, currently 17.5 units Novolin N 2x day; diet W/D, tblsp pumpkin, Advocate PetTester tester/strips & Alpha-Trak2 for alternative (when I question weird BG readings); blind as of March 1, 2016