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  • Help testing pet medication application

    Hello a bit about me I have a 19 year old blind diabetic dog called Patrick. I have been unable to travel to see a niece that was born 5 years ago due to looking after him and doing every single injection and all the care he needs.

    I am studying at university in England and need people to help me test my app. The app is for android only currently, I am not selling anything only asking for help testing. The app has 2 types of users an owner who creates the pet and adds the medication it allows for pictures of the pet and photos of the medication label. It even allows the scanning of the medication barcode so the carer can confirm the correct medication with the barcode. All relevant medication information can be added and red by the carer. The app is for people who have someone else administer their petís medication and worry if it was done or not the app provides a record of every administering of medication for every day for every pet. It supports tablets and various other pets. The app notifies you if medication is administered if the app is in the background. Both the carer and owner need to make use the app. A unique number is created for the pet and a Qr code is created. For the carer to use to identify the pet the owner receives an email with the Qr code. Which they could print and give to the carer or attach to the petís collar.

    If you are in the position where your petís medication is administered by someone else and you would like to be informed. You are the perfect candidate to help me. Please send me a message if you can help and would like to get involved in helping me test the app. I would appreciate if a questionnaire would be completed.

    I am not asking for any money for anything. Just help to test and get feedback about the app.

    Thank you.