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    Tyson is a 11year old chi-spaniel and weighs 24 pounds. He has been diagnosed with diabetes in October of 2022. He was born July 26,2011. He was a healthy dog with no problems at all until 2018 at the age of 7 he started getting ear infections which was treated with Cephelexin, Surolan ear drops and ear wash. He would get them two to three times a year. Vet said could be environmental allergies or food he’s eating.So try starting with food. Tyson was eating Blue Buffalo chicken and brown rice recipe at the time so we started there. Trying everything, some he liked some he didn’t. Settled on Natural Balance Turkey recipe.Nothing helped with ear infections. I am putting this in his story because I read somewhere that the ear drops can cause diabetes??? Then in January 2021 Tyson developed bladder stones which he had to have surgery to remove them and at same time he was neutered. Surgeon told us Tyson needed to be put on a low purine diet so we put him on Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary UC low purine, Tyson had Cystine Urolithiasis stones. Then in August of 2022 Tyson started slowing down not playing that much and drinking lots of water and wanting to go out to pee all the time even having accidents in bed which he never did. He looked sick. So we took him to his Vet which did x- rays and blood test and that’s when he was diagnosed with diabetes his glucose was at 389. So starting in October he was put on 11 units of Vetsulin Twice a day with meals. I feed him 3/4 cup of his Royal Canin and top it with FreshPet Beef and Bison recipe because he won’t eat for me without it. Crude protein is 8.5 % believe me I tried a couple of toppings. Tyson eats at 7am and again at 7pm with a treat at 2 pm the Blue Buffalo’s Baked pumpkin and cinnamon health Bar. Tested his glucose in November his number was 218. Tyson did have small cataracts but can still see well with no problem then in December the cataracts took over his eyes and he went blind. We had the surgery for them and found out that glaucoma damaged his eyes. We were given 50% in one eye 5% in other. Today Tyson can see out of one eye but not the other. Still on eye drops for both eyes. Before eye surgery his glucose was at 191. In January glucose was at 282. Going to start looking for a meter so I can start checking his glucose myself. After he started his insulin he stopped drinking a lot of water and stopped peeing all the time, no accidents at all in bed anymore. I am still getting used to giving him his insulin shots which I watched a lot of YouTube videos on it. Yes, Tysons Vet did show me but one time and out the door you go… you should be fine was what he said I do hope it gets easier as time goes on I don’t like to do it because poor guy has been through so much these past years. But I know it has to be done. He is named after Mike Tyson because he likes to nibble at ears. I hope this story helps others that are going through the same thing. I’m glad I found this site because all the stories have helped me.
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