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Aneng 08-29-2021 01:28 AM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!
All hell broke loose yesterday. I took him to the vet who said his ulcer was really bad and the eye was in danger of popping. She discussed euthanasia but I'm not giving up on him that easily. She said it was an emergency so referred me to a specialist eye surgeon, 90 miles away. She injected him with morphine and I set off. Luckily he slept most of the way. The eye surgeon said the ulcer was perforated and in any other dog, she would have removed the eye there and then but because of his adverse history with general anaesthetic, she thought there was a high risk of death if she put him under, so we have an aggressive treatment regime to follow, 4 different eye drops, 6 times a day, antibiotics etc. We are finding it impossible to get the drops in him though. He fights so much. Before my wife left for work this morning, we manage to get all 4 drops in, but not without a fight and he bit both of us.

I have no idea how I'm going to cope on my own.

Riliey and Mo 08-29-2021 06:40 AM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!
really sorry your going through a rough time with Pugsley.

with the diabetes very hard to control and more insulin needed because of the infection i would of opted to take the risk and remove the eye.

there is an easy way to give dogs medication, needles etc. they cant bite

heres some links to Hammocks slings, you can make your own. sit him on a table then lift him up into the sling with 5 holes in it. take blood sample, inject insulin, put in eye drops
all done.




Aneng 08-31-2021 06:27 AM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!
You think that having him in a sling will make it easier to get eye drops in? He will still be free to move his head away from the dropper - he fights like a cat at the moment - you really think a sling will stop him doing that? I'll try anything!

Riliey and Mo 08-31-2021 08:33 AM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!
Rob3ddd got a hammock

read his post

pugsley would bemore relaxed in a hammock i think. youd havemore control

Aneng 09-01-2021 07:43 AM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!
We're taking him back to the eye hospital tomorrow for an assessment. If his eye hasn't progressed as they hope they will have to remove it under general anaesthetic. They've already warned me that he's very high risk from the anaesthetic plus if there is anything of his thrombocytopenia left, the eye socket could bleed and not stop and they don't carry blood as they are just an eye hospital.

I've already convinced myself I'm going to lose him and I'm in bits. He's everything to me and more.

jesse girl 09-01-2021 09:04 PM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!
Its not uncommon to see this problem with diabetic dogs .I wish your decision would be easier for you .

My jesse was on deaths bed over 11 years ago with complications from uncontrolled diabetes and miraculously she pulled through and proved me wrong on many occasion that her time was up in the 11 years she was diabetic

There is always hope . The vet needs a good plan and have them discuss that with you before any surgery

Aneng 09-09-2021 04:05 AM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!
He's been drinking a lot lately again and my wife has just done a blood test - 30.8 (560mg/dl) - and that is 4h30 after eating and 5 units of insulin. She's phoning the vets now. We messed up last night and couldn't remember if he'd been fed and injected, so in the end we fed him and on the advice of the emergency out-of-hours vet, didn't give him any insulin in case he'd already had one shot earlier.

jesse girl 09-09-2021 10:54 AM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!
That has happened to all of us from time to time .You just give the normal dose at the next shot time . Not much you can do but give plenty of access to water . The numbers should go back down once insulin is reintroduced .

Aneng 09-12-2021 05:55 AM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!
We are finding this impossibly stressful. It wouldn't be too bad if he was the kind of old dog that slept all the time but he's fairly active and it's hell trying to follow him everywhere as his eyesight has gone completely now. He bumps into everything, he has to have his cone on most of the time. I'm at work in the day and my wife works from home. She's finding it impossible to work and watch over him. She's getting really depressed over it and we are arguing. I don't know how much longer we can keep on doing this. It's not so much the diabetes - I know we haven't got his bloods under control yet - it's the blindness. We are both desperate to offload him onto the other one at the first opportunity - which sounds awful as we genuinely adore him - but the stress levels are very high. At this rate I'm genuinely not certain which of the three of us is going to die first. I've had a heart attack in the past and my wife is diabetic herself with high blood pressure.

jesse girl 09-12-2021 02:00 PM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!
My Jesse developed canine cognitive dysfunction(doggie dementia) in her latter years. The diabetes was hard that first year but after that it was a breeze .CCD was very difficult . It is a progressive disease and gets more and more chalang9ing to deal with . Now I am semi retired and have not worked for over a year so keeping an eye on her was doable and I was happy to do it as she has done so much for me . Its the least I could do .

I figured ways to work with the new challenges to make it a bit easier for Jesse and me but I was limited in terms of time leaving her alone but she had no problem giving me 4 hours

Now with her gone since the beginning of the summer I am traveling extensively which I have not done since she became diabetic some 11 years ago but I would give all that up to have her back in my life even as she was .

As My mom always said who I lost early in the year no one ever promised you a rose garden . You do the best you can with what you got . Figure ways to make things a bit better and live life within that moment.

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