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Judi 09-14-2021 07:18 AM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!

Originally Posted by Aneng (Post 169001)
We are finding this impossibly stressful. It wouldn't be too bad if he was the kind of old dog that slept all the time but he's fairly active and it's hell trying to follow him everywhere as his eyesight has gone completely now. He bumps into everything, he has to have his cone on most of the time. I'm at work in the day and my wife works from home. She's finding it impossible to work and watch over him. She's getting really depressed over it and we are arguing. I don't know how much longer we can keep on doing this. It's not so much the diabetes - I know we haven't got his bloods under control yet - it's the blindness. We are both desperate to offload him onto the other one at the first opportunity - which sounds awful as we genuinely adore him - but the stress levels are very high. At this rate I'm genuinely not certain which of the three of us is going to die first. I've had a heart attack in the past and my wife is diabetic herself with high blood pressure.

Dogs are really adaptable with the blindness. With my Jenny once she bumped into things she figured out her territory. We fenced some areas off like stairways. Natalie has a video somewhere of her Chris who I think she compared to a bumper car. Watching that video helped me when Jenny first went blind. Hang in there. I took my blind Jenny to visit my parents in a very crowded house. She figured out where her food and bed were quickly, her nose did all of the work.

I'd try to block off the scary areas and let him bump around a little. We put some extra rugs down to try to give our dog things by feel to help her gain perspective.

Aneng 09-14-2021 09:24 AM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!
Thanks so much to everyone replying. It helps to know I'm not alone. Pugsley's blood glucose has not shifted much at all from the 500's. Although a test today put him at 15.8 (sorry can't convert at the moment) which is the closest to normal he's got so far. The vet doesn't know this new figure yet but advised an increase to 6 units twice daily. She was warning me that she wouldn't want to take it much higher as he might suddenly crash. She also warned that he's on the edge of going into ketoacidosis and suggested euthenasia might be a kinder option soon.

I've changed his diet as I read that his original food contained brown rice which is not the super food it's claimed to be as it's still carbs. His fibre supplement he got every day was also made with sugar beet fibre and other things with fructo-something so I've stopped that too.

I need ideas on what to feed him as I'm clueless. I'm happy to cook anything for him or buy commercial food if that's better.

I have this terrible sinking feeling that I'm going to lose my best friend and I'm going to have to take him to his death. I'll do anything to save him.

jesse girl 09-14-2021 12:15 PM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!
I think raising the dose to what is considered insulin resistant which is your dogs weight total to the amount of insulin for one dose of insulin . An example would be a 10 pound dog getting 10 units of insulin per dose .So you raise or lower based on the lowest number in the curve

I have seen dogs on this forum including my jesse have high numbers like your pup and once on insulin never went ketoacidosis. If not showing fairly extreme symptoms of thirst and urination I would not be concerned about it and have not heard a vet make that comment before .

Dogs crashing with testing at home is actually quite rare . It would take allot of insulin above what was needed for that to happen in most cases. So onc3e agin focus on regulation and you dont need a vet to accomplish that . I gave up on jesse vet over 11 years ago and went it alone with the help of the forum to guide me .It not complicated.

As far as food I home cooked for Jesse . I grind up green leaf and other vegetables in a food processor ,hard boiled egg ,canned mackerel , pinto beans, chicken and garnet yam sweet potatoes ( carbs are a necessary component in k9 diabetes ) . This diet worked well for Jesse living 11 years with the disease to an age of 16 and diabetes did not affect her life and she did not die from it

You can post some curves if you would like and we can have a look

Judi 09-14-2021 12:28 PM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!
Jenny was high for a few months too. It turned out she had cushings but my vet just slowly kept raising the dose. Like JesseGirl said, you are monitoring him. He shouldn't go into ketoacidosis.

I obsessed over food for a long time. Felt like it had to be perfect. My vet recommended one of the canned foods that everyone criticizes. My dog's eye doctor recommended another canned food. The bottom line is that you want to feed them what they will eat. Dogs that won't eat are harder to regulate.

We used both of those canned foods for a couple of years until she got sicker and wouldn't eat them.

Fiber is good to help the insulin last. Consistency matters so the food goes with the insulin dose.

So, pick something that he will eat, stick to it, and give him the same amounts every day. I had special duck jerky treats for when I gave insulin. I was consistent with it! LOL

The bottom line is don't drive yourself crazy. You don't have to be perfect. Just be consistent.


Aneng 09-15-2021 07:33 AM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!

Originally Posted by jesse girl (Post 169006)
As far as food I home cooked for Jesse . I grind up green leaf and other vegetables in a food processor ,hard boiled egg ,canned mackerel , pinto beans, chicken and garnet yam sweet potatoes ( carbs are a necessary component in k9 diabetes )

Could you give me quantities for that recipe please ? That sounds very nutritious and if it worked for Jesse, it should also work for Pugsley. Thanks !

Aneng 09-17-2021 07:23 AM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!
He was 558 yesterday and is 378 today. This is like six weeks or more now of high glucose levels. I'm getting really scared that he might go into ketoacidosis.

How long can a dog stay with these levels before it becomes a serious risk?

jesse girl 09-18-2021 05:10 PM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!
It was a third of a cup for the chicken ,pinto beans and greens and vegies . the caned mackerel was a big spoon of it . She got 2 hardboiled eggs but switched to one last year . the yam was a big spoon of it . I used powdered egg shells for calcium that i grind up in a coffee grinder . Had plenty of shell from the hard boiled eggs

One blood sugar number has little meaning as its just one moment in time

How are physical symptoms as far as drinking and urination ?

Aneng 10-23-2021 07:49 AM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!
Just an update.... after talking to one of his previous vets, who advised increasing his insulin to 8 units twice daily, his blood sugars have finally come down to normal levels. Unfortunately, he is now almost completely blind and deaf. The biggest problem we have now is that he will not tolerate being left alone. I don't mean 'left alone in an empty house' - I mean 'have nobody physically next to him for more than 30 seconds'. He barks and barks and barks until someone sits next to him to smooth him.

We can't do anything... we can't go anywhere... I can't even cook a meal if I'm in the house alone with him, unless I have him in my arms and try to prepare food one-handed.

How can I get around this ?

Riliey and Mo 10-23-2021 02:22 PM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!

sorry your having this problem. he must be scared. but on the other hand you have a life.

you could try borrowing a good sized open crate and put him in it for a few minutes at a time maybe put it in the kitchen. leave the door open for a few times then give him atreat and close the door for say 15 minutes at a time.

getting him a friend might help more work for you though.

getting him a dog sitter maybe

so glad your getting him regulated.

MomtoMax 10-24-2021 03:18 PM

Re: Newly diabetic pug - HELP!
We were diagnosed (Max my Corgi) and me his caregiver about the same time. While I don’t have Max under control by any stretch, I do understand a lot more about this trying condition! You really need to do more frequent curves to understand what he reacts to, and BTW, stress is a big one easily felt thru you! If you haven’t read it, “The other end of the Leash” taught me a lot in dealing with my rescued GSD who was probably ex-military or a peace officer’s dog based on training received before we adopted him. He has PTSD and I’ve read a LOT about this in dogs…
I don’t recommend home cooking either as you are stressed out enough about cooking for yourself, let alone your dog… Diets need to be balanced and this, in cooking for a dog, is way more difficult than cooking for a person, IMHO. That said, you can add fresh foods to your dog’s kibble! And I’ve found this can make a big difference in BG numbers! I feed Acana Heritage meats, which is grain free. I also add grated zucchini and baked, skinless chicken breast to his kibble. He’s done really well with this, but PLEASE pass it by your vet before you choice to go this route as you6’re now looking at Ketoacidosis!
If you do really want to do the total home cooked diet, please consult a professional! One suggestion would be Monica Segal as I trust her, she’s has a background and a degree in animal nutrition.
Hang in there!
Donna and Max the Corgi

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